IRS Whistleblower Comes Forward, Alleges Biden Admin Is Obstructing Hunter Biden Investigation

A supervisory IRS agent alleges that the Biden Administration obstructed Hunter Biden’s investigation and seeks whistleblower protection.

In a letter sent by attorney Mark Lytle to nine members of Congress with high positions, the whistleblower is described as a “career IRS criminal supervision special agents, who have been overseeing an ongoing sensitive investigation into a controversial topic that has gained a lot of attention since early 2020. ” ”

The Wall Street Journal stated that Hunter Biden is the “high-profile and controversial subject”.

The letter states:

“contradicts sworn testimony of a senior politician appointed to Congress,”

“involved failure to mitigate apparent conflict of interest” at the time that a final disposition was made.

“Details on how political interference and preferential treatment would impact the decisions made by career law enforcement officers in similar circumstances, if they were not politically involved. ”

The letter went on to say, “Despite grave risks of retaliation my client offers to provide you with the information necessary to exercise constitutional oversight functions.” The letter continued, “Despite the grave risk of retaliation, my client offers to give you the information needed to exercise constitutional oversight functions.”

According reports, Hunter Biden has been investigated for tax crimes. He’s also being investigated after allegedly making a false claim on a federal firearm purchase form.

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The Washington Post reported in October that federal investigators believed they had enough evidence against Hunter Biden to bring charges. Attorney David Weiss who is leading this investigation has not yet filed any charges.

Lytle told CBS News in an interview that his client has proof that Hunter Biden’s case was handled differently than other similar cases.

Agents’ decisions to investigate were influenced by political considerations. Lytle said that such considerations are not part of the toolkit of a career detective.

James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee (R), said that the allegations of the whistleblower are further proof of obstruction by the Biden Administration.