Ted Cruz Spills the Beans on Behind the Scenes Democrat Campaign to Replace Dianne Feinstein

We are here to hear Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas), rant about the backroom drama among Democrats and the infighting over Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D, California).

The last time we wrote about the subject, Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) was explaining as only he can how the claims from Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) about how they allegedly can’t get judicial nominees through the Judiciary Committee due to Feinstein’s prolonged absence while battling the shingles virus just isn’t true.

Kennedy said that the “handful” of Democrats who Republicans won’t allow through the committee “come from the loony wing of the Democratic Party.” Kennedy noted in classic style, Biden’s radical nominees “seem to think the U.S. Constitution as a battleship,” and “maybe got their law license at Costco.”

Kennedy continued, “And Sen. Feinstein’s absence prevents Sen. Durbin’s rushing through those nominees.”

Cruz keeps the issue in the spotlight, reminding people of the Democrats’ intolerance for anyone who strays even a little from their woke agenda.

During a conversation this week with “Verdict” host Ben Ferguson, Cruz referred to the fall 2020 Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Confirmation Battle, when Feinstein – then the ranking Democrat of the Judiciary Committee – got into hot water with the more left-wing members of her own party, not only for how she handled the confirmation process but also because she praised Graham and hugged him after the proceedings had ended.

Let’s get the background for Cruz’s comments.

Schumer, who was the Minority leader at the time of the hearings and had been the outraged Democrat for a while, told the Washington Post that he “had a long serious conversation with Senator Feinstein.” This is all I have to say for now. The Washington Post reported that Schumer, who was then the Minority Leader, refused to answer questions about Feinstein’s position on the powerful panel.

After a month, and after the media announced Joe Biden as the winner of the Presidential election, Feinstein said she would not seek a leadership role on the Judiciary Committee. Schumer responded a few days later with a convenient response. He said that he “was deeply grateful for Senator Feinstein’s leadership and contribution to our caucus, and the country, as the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee for the last four years” and that she “would continue her work as one the nation’s leading advocates for voting and women’s rights”.

Durbin was chosen by the Senate Democrats to be either the ranking member or chair of the committee two weeks later (the Georgia Senate runoffs were not yet held, so control over Senate was unknown).

Here’s what Cruz says really happened behind the scenes before Feinstein announced she would not seek the leadership role:

Cruz was quick to note the timing, which is noteworthy. Dianne Feinstein would have been the next chair of the Judiciary Committee if Democrats had won the majority. Chuck Schumer, who was angry with the radical left, announced that Feinstein would no longer be the chairman of the Judiciary Committee within a few days. Cruz elaborated, citing a striking example. “He took Feinstein into a back alley, and shot her.” It was a surrender to the extreme left-wing voices of the Democrat Party.”

Cruz explained that this move was actually against Senate rules. Feinstein’s Democratic colleagues have such contempt for Feinstein. Durbin, the next-most senior member, is chair. He is also the majority whip. According to Senate rules, typically the majority leader and minority leader cannot be both committee chairs. Cruz explained that there is a fundamental principle: If you hold one leadership position, then you cannot hold another.

Cruz’s statement makes sense when you consider the outrage of liberal activists after Barrett’s confirmation and Schumer’s remarks about having “a serious talk” with Feinstein. It’s like Schumer pushed her publicly and then in private, basically forced Feinstein to announce the decision.

The woke wing has been frustrated with Feinstein for some time. They have heard and read about her alleged mental impairment.

It’s not funny to see Democrats playing cards against one another, as they do with Republicans. Then, seeing them scramble when they are unable to pull off their end-run around the backup plan, is a very welcome sight.

At least on this issue, Republicans have been playing hardball. Cruz is doing his best to make sure that the story about Democrats forcing a female veteran Senator to leave before she is ready stays in the spotlight.

More, please.