Americans Are To Blame For Fentanyl Smuggling, Says Florida Democrat Debbie Scultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Rep., primarily blamed Republicans and Americans for recent problems at the U.S. Mexico border. She claimed that Americans are responsible in large part for the rise in fentanyl crossing the border.
Interview with MSNBC: The Democrat also blamed Republicans for suffocating border policy reform in a MSNBC interview.

The following caption was written by the Florida representative in a tweet: “Fentanyl at the southern border is being brought into the country by Americans, not immigrants.” House Democrats are ready to finance [Border Patrol] as well as comprehensive immigration reform, despite Republicans’ fearmongering.

During her interview, 56-year old said that legal border crossings were the source of fentanyl smuggling into America. She claims it is done by American citizens.

“The vast majority of drugs, which is absolutely something that we must stop, are crossing the border. They are mostly being carried by Americans at our actual borders crossings. Wasserman Schultz stated that Democrats have increased the funding for the Border Patrol in the past few fiscal years.

She said, “We need Republicans to join the table and work together on comprehensive immigration reform to really get to the root of this problem.”

Another tweet was sent by the ex-Hillary Clinton campaign cochair, in which he blamed Republicans and their “xenophobia”, for not implementing policy reform.

“Immigration reform has been stalled for one reason: xenophobia. While House Democrats are working to create legal pathways to entry, Republicans are focusing on denigrating the American Dream for those fleeing persecution and poverty.

Jose Diaz-Balart asked the MSNBC host, “Why is there so much difficulty for there to be some movement? Bipartisan or not? Some movement on immigration reform?”

Wasserman Schultz quickly replied, “Xenophobia.”

“Really, that is the bottom line. “Democrats have been willing to sit down and try six different ways to make sure people can come to our country from Sunday,” she says.

Wasserman Schultz called the idea for a border wall “xenophobic” in 2019, referring to it as a “monument to President Trump.”

She also called deportations “xenophobic” in 2020 when it came to international students who attend school online.