Another Florida Liquor License Revoked for Allowing Minors at Alcohol-Driven Drag Performance

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation in Florida seeks to revoke Hyatt Regency’s liquor license. This complaint is based on a drag performance that took place at the hotel just after Christmas. What is more to think about the Word Incarnate? An obscene performance of sexually confused men dressed as women. Florida law prohibits explicit performances by minors.

This was during the peak of the “drag queen Christmas show” craze. This seemed to be a deliberate move to make Governor Ron DeSantis look bad. I reported on the state’s actions against the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation despite warnings by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

It’s safe to assume Hyatt Regency Miami received the same warning and chose to ignore it.

Oh, well…

The HyattRegency Miami can continue serving liquor just like the Orlando Philharmonic Foundation. You cannot flip a governor with the means and will to hurt you.

Jason DeShazo, a former pastor at an LGBTQ church, has been running the Miss Rose Dynasty drag pageant. He refers to his organization’s name as the “Disney Channel of drag”. After age restrictions were imposed by the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Orlando, DeShazo decided to move the event.

DeShazo complains about the need for him to move.

DeShazo explained to us that students are often invited to fundraisers as they have mentors. However, not all contestants can perform in drag.

The arts center’s age restriction would have prevented them from attending the event.

With his constant invocations to “the children”, and a sexually-themed program, it had a distinct “groomer” vibe.

Some people call this “censorship”. The state applies the same laws to everyone.

Politicians who claim to be conservative have allowed this cultural rot to fester for far too long. Contrary to what David French would argue, drag queen story hours are not a blessing on liberty. It is illegal for an adult male biological man to perform sexy acts before children. It is considered moral corruption.