Abortion Activist Retreats to the Top of a Now-Closed Bridge to Reroute the Nation’s Future

Friday’s SCOTUS decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe. The shockwaves caused by Wade have sent shockwaves throughout the country. It even propelled one man to the top of a bridge in the District of Columbia.

Guido Reichstadter has a history of putting himself in unusual places. He decided that he needed to be free from the barricades and tied to a fence, just outside of the Supreme Court. He tried to smash the key that would open his bike lock, while the media watched.

Guido clearly realized that he was going to change the future of the country by shackling Guido’s neck to an opaque, X-patterned metal. He shouted triumphantly, “I’m not letting my daughter’s rights be taken away from this unelected and unaccountable Supreme Court.”

He later realized that the effort had failed. He concluded that success could be achieved by other means.

Fox News:

To protest Roe v Wade’s Supreme Court decision, a man climbed Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C.

According to FOX 5 DC, the man, identified on Twitter as Guido Reichstadter and began climbing the bridge around 11 AM. Traffic was stopped while officials attempted to reach the man.

Guido called on America to shut down the government continuously, tweeting while higher than birds

According to The Daily Wire, a journalist messaged The World-Changer while he meandered 70 feet high.

He shared his calculation with us:

“I found a way to go up, I’ll find one that goes down, I guess …”

Although there is always a way down it might not be worth the effort. Guido was fortunate that the government he was closing did not close to stopping him. Authorities placed a large balloon down below at noon.

Although he may not have destroyed the government, he did close off a crucial road.

It was made official by DDOT:

The Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge (FDMB), has been temporarily shut down by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). This closure is necessary due to safety concerns regarding protest activity. It will remain in place until further notice. Motorists are encouraged to plan ahead and take alternate routes from South Capital Street or the FDMB area for their afternoon commute. Traffic officers are present to direct traffic. Motorists are advised to exercise extra caution when traveling in the FDMB area, to anticipate delays, and be aware of emergency personnel.

Guido posted on Instagram that he would remain in the air for as long as he can.

An elect number of activists are America’s mystics in the “If-then” computation arena. They can see through apparent cosmic means magical ways to alter the universe.

Oscar nominee James Cromwell recently revealed that if he was glued to a Starbucks, then blacks would be able to afford fake milk.

Bridges are believed to have supernatural powers. 2019 was a year when spellbinders from Houston’s Fred Hartman Bridge predicted they would save the world by hanging as enchanted dingleberries.

He’ll hopefully make celestial contact at the summit of his power. He texted “Getting closer to God” as a way of explaining his climb.

You’ll be a lot closer than you thought to Him if you don’t take care.

At 7:45 EST, The Great Guido seemed to be still bridging us to our future.