A Detail in the Paul Pelosi Attack Story Makes No Sense

Normal circumstances would lead to the details of an incident becoming more clear over time. The Pelosi home invasion story seems more complicated than it answers. Today’s post focuses on a tiny detail in the criminal case against David DePape. He was the man who attacked Paul Pelosi. It has me curious as to what is the matter.

Here’s a direct quote taken directly from the court filing

DEPAPE stated that they went downstairs to the front door. The police arrived and knocked on the door, and Pelosi ran over and opened it. Pelosi grabbed onto DEPAPE’s hammer, which was in DEPAPE’s hand. At this point in the interview, DEPAPE repeated that DEPAPE did not plan to surrender and that he would go “through” Pelosi.

Let me clarify. If DePape is correct, then Mr. Pelosi was able to run to the door when the police arrived. Pelosi, however, reengaged DePape who was carrying a hammer and threatened to attack him.

Is it able to pass the smell test? It does not for me.

First, Pelosi should have called for help if he felt his life was in peril. Having done so would have allowed the police to enter the home. Even more confusing is the fact that if you were in danger of being attacked by a criminal with a weapon, and you knew the police were nearby, would you open the front door for them, then run back to confront your attacker, and then bolt out the front doors to safety?

Please don’t tell us that this isn’t an appropriate question.