German Energy Company Demolishes Wind Turbines to Ramp Up Coal Mining

President Joe Biden has not been the only leader to lead his country into an energy crisis that will impact millions.

Global energy crisis: German mine Garzweiler, owned by RWE, announced this week that they had demolished wind turbines on a nearby farm.

While the company admitted that the plan was “paradoxical”, considering that one energy source was being traded, it is clear why RWE took the decision.

In most parts of the world, wind turbines are a huge, stupid, oil-leaking, and dangerous waste of money. At least that’s what current technological developments indicate. However, coal-powered energy still reigns supreme. Even though progressive left climate activists in Germany are aware of this, it remains the king.

Fox Business explains:

One of the eight wind turbines on the wind farm was taken down last week. Two more turbines will be removed next year, according to the spokesperson of the company that built the wind farm. The remaining five turbines will be decommissioned by 2023.

This report provides details on expanding coal mining operations.

The expansion comes in conjunction with RWE’s plan to temporarily return three RWE-lignite-fired coal coke units to market. Germany’s cabinet approved the decision. The units had been on standby.

The three units of lignite have a combined power output of 300 megawatts (MW). RWE announced in September that they were expected to deploy the units to help Germany’s energy security and conserve natural gas for electricity generation.

RWE stated, in its original form, that the three affected reserve power plant units were to be permanently shut down on September 30, 2022, and September 30, 2023.

The cabinet of Germany approved the decision to expand coal mining operations.

The Ministry of Economy of North Rhine-Westphalia agrees with the statement that the expansion of the coal mine is necessary, particularly during times of energy crisis.

Balkan Green Energy News reports that Lutzerath’s production volume would have to be maintained in order to ensure security over the next eight years. This would result in the instability of opencast mining and the inability to perform the required recultivation. ”

BGE News was added:

In 2009, the court in Munster Germany ruled in favor of expanding the mine. Climate activists who opposed these plans called them hypocritical and cynical.

The court found that no surface mines could supply the required lignite demand. RWE stated both that security of supply and climate protection are the top priorities.

What do climate warriors think? They are panicking while enjoying all the luxuries associated with fossil fuels.

Another one? These guys have no idea.

They will just have to accept the change and continue to benefit from the warmth and security of coal-powered energy.

Without fossil fuels, civilized countries could collapse in an instant. The West faces serious energy crises that could cause widespread death.

We cannot survive without fossil fuels.