Hillary Sticks a Fork in Dems’ Chances With Her Latest Insult to American Voters

Hillary Clinton isn’t a dumb woman. But she is a bad candidate and one of the worst.

Even after many decades, Clinton still doesn’t seem able to grasp the basics. Democrats end her up, and then she ends up helping Republicans with what she said.

Clinton insulted Americans again Tuesday night. He told Joy Reid on MSNBC that American voters may be voting for Republicans because they don’t understand the “threats” being posed by Republicans.

Clinton said, “I believe that with all the noise that has been made in this election campaign, I don’t believe that people are really capable of grasping that.”

“But, more importantly, I don’t think they understand the risks to their way of living.”

Clinton falsely claimed that the Republicans were planning to take Social Security and Medicare from people — an old lie that Democrats repeat every election. Republicans in power have said that this is not true, and even the Washington Post has disputed this claim. Yet, Democrats insist on it.

Imagine that you think the best way to get people to vote for your party is to say they are too stupid to understand why they don’t want it. This is what she’s doing and it’s “Deplorables2.0.” According to Hillary, they need to learn how to “rightthink.” There is no better way to drive people away than this. They’re fleeing to Republicans because she’s giving them a push.

Instead of focusing on the most important issues facing voters, such as crime and inflation, Hillary went straight for demonizing Republicans. She called them many names and said that their “violent rhetoric is a danger” and was responsible for attacking Paul Pelosi. This, despite the fact that voters already know they don’t like this type of nonsense.

Hillary Clinton is a shameless lie-teller and a very bad person. *

*I didn’t kill myself.


— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport), November 2, 2022

As you said, “There has always been a streak violence, of racism and misogyny as well as antisemitism. But I believe that what we see today, and it has been brought to a very high relief by Paul Pelosi’s horrific attack, isn’t just an aberration. It involves a few people or small groups engaging in violent rhetoric and urging people to take action against politicians like her, as well as others.

“We are seeing a whole party, its supporters, and those who enable them, engaging in dangerous behavior. I find it disqualifying for those running for office. [….]

“I want your viewers to think about this. This is the type of violence that supports authoritarians. Unfortunately, this is what the Republican Party supports today.

Clinton said that this was a threat to democracy’s heart.

This is a total lie. No Republican official supported the attack against Paul Pelosi. Even Republicans like President Donald Trump or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell condemned it. Yet, she tries to blame all Republicans for actions of an allegedly mentally-ill man but doesn’t see the problem with her irresponsible rhetoric that demonizes Republicans.

It doesn’t matter if Republicans are being attacked for their “rhetoric” (or that of Joe Biden or other Democrats). We won’t discuss the teenager who was run over by and killed by a man who claimed the victim was a Republican extremist. This happened shortly after Joe Biden had demonized the “Republican extremeists” here and as Biden is reportedly planning to do again Wednesday night in a speech attacking “election deniers”.

We should not forget that Hillary Clinton, as recently as last week, said that the Republicans would steal the 2024 election.

Today’s Cartoon – Not With Her – 10/27/2022https://t.co/D8J5qIFstt

— A.F. Branco Cartoons (@afbranco), October 27, 2022

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— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) October 25, 2022

Democrat’s are wondering why they are falling in polls. They don’t care what voters think. They don’t care how they feel about crime and inflation. And they insult them just like Hillary did in this interview. These are the reasons why white suburban women flee to the Republicans in large and decisive numbers, which will decide this election. The voters do not understand the situation, but it is because they do.