17 US Charities Under Fire for Allegedly Funding Hamas Terror Group

Even as Hamas continues to hold civilian hostages, including about 10 Americans, no less than 17 Hamas-linked charities are operating in the open, sending money to Hamas or Hamas proxies and sometimes spreading Hamas propaganda in return.

The Focus on Western Islam, a Middle East Forum publication, documents that over $260,000,000 was donated to Hamas’s 501(c), tax-exempt charitable organizations. The report states that “donors include foundation arms of household corporations such as PayPal Fidelity Shell J.P. Morgan Bank of America Schwab along with major philanthropic organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

The FBI makes a lot about speeding up its investigations of people with Hamas ties, but these charities, which pump money into Hamas and give their donors tax breaks worth millions of dollars, are not on anyone’s radar.

Hamas is not only funded by large corporations or philanthropies. The estimated budget of Hamas for the year is between $2 and $3 billion. US funding is also provided to groups that have direct and obvious ties with terror organizations designated by the US. American Near East Refugee Aid, for example, works closely with the Unlimited Friends Association and is aligned to senior Hamas leadership. It also advocates the killing of Jews.

UFA hosts many events that sponsor the families of martyrs or prisoners. These include collaborations with Hamas leaders such as Mustafa Sawwaf who says “Israel’s disappearance… is a necessity according to the Koran”. Another Hamas figure, Mohamed Abu-Shkian praises “strikes by the mujahideen”, and organizes events in Gaza to lionize terrorists who have been killed.

UFA promotes hatred of Jews on social media. Its official Facebook page features posts that promise to “free Al Aqsa Al-Sharif from the filthiest Jews.”

ANERA has received US grants on a regular basis.

During the Trump administration, the faucet was turned off, but during the Biden administration, it received more than $2 million per year.

It is not my intention to single out one of Hamas’ many donors. When there are clear connections between an American charity and a terrorist group, it is important to question not only their continued existence but also why the government continues to fund them. Stay with me because I’m about to go wild. If charities cannot find non-terrorist partners in a certain area, they should not work there.

The List: