Ex-MSNBC Pundit Keith Olbermann Demands Government Censorship of Twitter

The extremely menopausal Keith Olbermann is so histrionic and unhinged that he was pushed out of MSNBC many years ago. Can you imagine how totally out-of-control one would have to be excommunicated from that network, the home of unrepentant Russiagater Rachel Maddow, who once warned in breathless exasperation in 2019 — based on nothing but lies by Deep State spooks who hated Trump and sought to undermine his administration and push the now-debunked Russiagate hoax — in January 2019 that Russia was on the verge of attacking the power grid in major U.S. cities.

Maddow’s producers then projected a picture on the screen of a weather map for the Dakotas. She had no proof that Russia was involved in any of this, and none of her other apocalyptic forecasts on this or any other score ever came true.

Maddow rhetorically asked, “What would happen today if Russia cut the power to Fargo?” before conjuring up images of American families frozen to death in the frozen tundras and prairies of the Midwest.

This is truly psychotic material — and it’s worth watching again to remind yourself how far removed from reality the Russiagate story was in the late 2000s.

Maddow never had to make amends for her blatant lies or overblown predictions that didn’t come true. She still makes tens and millions of dollars per year. In corporate state media in the United States, as others have pointed out, lying is rewarded, while telling the truth is punished.

All of this to say: If Olbermann is too far, then we need to understand what kind of liberal authoritarian hivemind lunatic are we dealing with.

This is an excerpt from the transcript via Daily Kos

It’s time for the United States government to ban “X”, the social media website still primarily referred to as Twitter, and terminate all government contracts that it has with its owner.

The government banned TikTok under Trump as a security threat to the United States. So there is precedent at least for the attempt. A process that had been accelerating over the past year reached a culmination Wednesday when Elon Musk replied to a blatantly racist tweet by saying, quote, “You have spoken the truth.” This, combined with the surging antisemitism on the website and the use Nazi hate speech, paraphrases of Hitler quotes, and other remarks made by the Republican candidate for President, has s, has s