Women for America, First Endorse Missouri AG Eric Schmitt as MO Senate Primary Enters Final Days

The GOP primary to fill the US Senate seat left vacant by retiring Roy Blunt has entered its final days. Next Tuesday, August 2nd, is the election. As we have covered extensively, it will come down to the wire for the top three candidates according to polls.

According to the latest polls, Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General, is leading. He’s also received some prestigious endorsements including those of Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee. Although it is not clear if President Trump will participate, there have been recent indications that he might. According to reports, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has been lobbying for Schmitt’s endorsement.

Additionally, Billy Long, a congressman who is also running in the race but has been consistently running fourth in polls, spoke to Trump earlier in the week. Long was interviewed Wednesday by NewsTalkSTL and stated that he believes Trump will endorse the race (video at 46:48). While Long was open to criticizing his rivals, he stated early in the interview that he thinks Schmitt is the one to lose.

Schmitt received a second endorsement from Women for America First on Friday. This organization was founded in 2019.

“The only national women’s organization that focuses on the America First agenda and upholding the principles of putting America first and her people last.”

According to the press release, Amy Kremer, Chairwoman, announced:

“Attorney General Schmitt has a battle-tested record of being a conservative fighter and taking on the Biden administration, Dr. Fauci, big-tech, and fighting against election fraud. Under his watch, Missouri was the first state in the nation to protect the life of the unborn by ending abortion in the state. When elected, he will continue that work in the US Senate to defend our Constitutional rights.

It is crucial that Republicans regain the Senate in a time where the nation has lost its identity due to the policies of Joe Biden, and far-left progressives, and it has never been more urgent. Eric Schmitt is the right person to fight for Missouri and Team America. He is and will be an ally to Americans and the America First agenda.

Women for America First’s endorsement is crucial, especially considering the top contenders in the race. Although Vicky Hartzler, Congresswoman, was consistently second in polling within the margins of error, she has been a strong conservative voice on behalf of women. Eric Greitens’s past governorship was a major problem. Many feel that his baggage can hurt his chances of winning over women voters, Republican or independent.

Schmitt also received endorsements from Freedom Principle Mo. and Tea Party Express on Friday

As the primary draws near, endorsements keep coming in. This could mean Schmitt winning the nomination. We will find out Tuesday night. (Yes, I am confident that Missouri will have all of its election results announced by Tuesday night).