Rumor Has It That Donald Trump Is About to Make a Big Endorsement in Michigan

Michigan GOP. How do you entertain me?

While your shortsightedness may be entertaining, it could spell disaster for the State in November 2022. Big Gretch might be reelected.


There are just four days before the Michigan primary and it looks like POTUS 45 will be available to endorse Governor’s race.

Detroit News…

Trump, the ex-President, stated Friday morning that he was still open to supporting Tudor Dixon (the conservative commentator for Michigan’s next governor). As Dixon’s enemies attempt to stop him, this revelation comes at a time when he is being stopped from intervening.

Republican voters will elect a candidate for the Democratic governor challenge four days before Tuesday’s primary. Gretchen Whitmer said that Trump was looking at Dixon on Truth Social.

“All of her supporters are working hard for endorsement/victory,” Trump wrote. “Stay tuned! ”

Trump’s message was sent just days after nine Michigan candidates had requested that he not work alongside Betsy DeVos, his former education secretary who has endorsed Dixon.

The DeVos Family has spent more than 25 primary races to influence the state Legislature, seven of which were against Trump-endorsed candidates.

According to The Detroit News: “There is a war in Michigan for the soul GOP with Trump-endorsed Candidates and the established DeVos Family.”

It’s big news when The Donald endorses candidates.

The problem with Rinke, which I believe is the root of any concern about Michigan becoming a red or blue state, is his desire to make a mockery out of his opponent. He uses faulty reasoning and drags a family that has done so much for conservative causes than he ever could have imagined.

It is possible for rational people not to agree on actions or policies. For the reasons she stated, I disagree with Betsy Devos’s decision to resign two weeks before Trump’s term expires in January 2021.

The January 6, Commission brilliantly proved that Trump didn’t encourage Hot Heads marching down to the Capitol to overthrow its government. This was a cute story but it was not going to come to pass, no matter how many prime-time hearings they had to scare people.

Discrediting Devos and Rinke’s history of supporting causes is pure lunacy. This sounds more like Whitmer or her Public Relations team would make it to upset Trump supporters and divide the base.

So the DeVos family has supported Tudor Dixon in a number of ways and because of that, she is automatically the enemy in terms of the true conservatives — the people who think that President Trump was the greatest thing since sliced bread politically and his mean tweets on Twitter warmed the soul of America.

Tudor Dixon has been supported by the DeVos family in many ways. Because of this, she is automatically considered an enemy of the true conservators — those who believe that President Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread and that his mean tweets on Twitter have warmed America’s soul.

Now, it appears that Trump will endorse the person who was backed by his family in 2016 and 2020. However, he betrayed him by having another view of an event that progressive media wants to make into the Nuremberg trials. I said that people up in the mitten are sometimes entertaining and that is why Democrats win here state-wide.

It is important to remember that talking points should never be rushed. This tweet by Garret Soldano, candidate, about Trump’s news of an endorsement.

If Garrett Soldano faces Gretchen Whitmer in November, I will vote for him. He lost my vote in the primary on Tuesday due to his use of a cheap talking point. It was poorly crafted by people who claim they love Trump and America, but really love claiming that they have influence.

That nonsense is beyond me, and I hope that the majority of people in this state who I love will be too.