Woke Miller Lite Ad Emerges, Giving Bud Light a Run for Their Money

The competition for “woke beer” is becoming more and more ridiculous.

Last time we checked, Bud Light sales were in free fall following the controversy surrounding the company’s decision to coddle Dylan Mulvaney. Other brands are also said to be suffering. HSBC analysts downgraded Anheuser-Busch InBev stock citing the “crisis”, in which Bud Light found itself.

It turns out that Bud Light wasn’t the first beer in vain to try and please DEI hall monitors.

Miller Lite released an ad in March that featured woke comedian Ilana Glaser complaining about old beer ads showing women in bikinis. They claimed that this was an insult to the ‘founding mothers’ of beer.

Without women, there is no beer. Women were actually among the first brewers of beer in history. In the years to follow, the beer industry (including Miller Lite) alienated those who had helped it be created. How?

Miller Lite announced today that it is launching a new initiative called Bad $#!! to Good $#!!, which will create fertilizer from old sexist advertising for beer. This fertilizer will be used by female brewers to grow hops. Ilana Glaser, a producer, comedian, and actor who is a definite arbiter of what’s good $#!!!T in the beer industry, will be working with Miller Lite to rectify past sexist beer marketing. The beer brand is transforming the old, objectifying ads for beer (aka bad ##!T to good $#!!).

Miller Lite continues its efforts to make beer inclusive with the Bad $#!! to Good $#!! campaign. The campaign, spearheaded by a female-only leadership team, continues Miller Lite’s efforts to empower women in beer.

This campaign was led by a female leadership team. Anyone who would be proud to participate in such a ridiculous stunt should hang their head in shame.

When you see the advertisement, you’ll understand what I mean.

The good news is, that unlike Bud Light they actually used women in the ad. The bad news is the ad has seriously infantilized the women, turning them into helpless snowflakes who hate the idea of advertisers using women’s sex appeal to sell their product to their target audience.

Most women are not bothered by this s– fertilizer element in advertising. I’m sure that includes female brewers who are themselves bad a**es and have more important things to do than clutch pearls about the alleged over-objectification in beer ads.

Glazer does not seem to mind being objectified… so long as the price of course is right.

Most beer producers know that their main consumers are men, and the campaigns they run to bring more men to their brands are meant to reflect this inconvenient fact.

Other beer producers must be salivating at this moment.

LOL. It’s pretty obvious.

Don’t go away mad, corporate woketivists. Just go away.