Why Are People Boycotting Call of Duty?

How far has the madness gone in trying to control the speech of the country and dictate a liberal narrative?

It’s pretty bad when liberals cannot even define a woman. It’s even worse when parents voice concerns about the curriculum their children are taught and these concerns are vilified or falsely labeled as “hate”. My colleague explains what was allegedly taught to Glendale, California kids.

The Daily Signal obtained several emails from Glendale administrators encouraging staff to tell students that everyone is “queer” or “socialist”.

Parents have also claimed that the school district permits boys who claim they are transgender, to share lockers with girls.

When leftists and Antifa elements gathered in Glendale, they confronted parents who spoke out for their children.

What was the spin of some leftists on that encounter? They said that the LGBTQ activists and Antifa people were the parents, and they were attacked for defending the rights of their children. They completely flipped the facts. The parents did fight back when attacked and the outcome was not good for the leftists.

There are also some other fallouts that were connected to this story, and they’re equally troubling.

Nickmercs, a streamer who creates content for Faze, became so popular in the Call of Duty community that Activision gifted him with his own Operator skin. Now they’ve removed the operator skin package so that you can’t buy it. What was it that he did to make them do this? He said, “They should not have attacked the children in Glendale.”

Call of Duty essentially admitted that this was the reason they removed his skin from their shop.

The account tweeted: “Due to recent events, we’ve removed the “NICKMERCS Operator” bundle from Modern Warfare II & Warzone Store,” We are focusing on celebrating PRIDE among our employees and community.

Saying “leave small children alone” will now get you in trouble. What is the message they are trying to send about LGBTQ people? He did not say anything anti-LGBTQ. As he explained, his comments were about what the school taught kids. They were the school. He would not apologize for what he had said.

Warning: Graphic language

He said: “I don’t believe it’s a place for a teacher or a school. I don’t feel it’s a place to talk about such things.” It’s not because I don’t think the topic should be discussed. You’re wrong if that’s the impression you get from this tweet.

He continued, “I have no quarrels with anyone in this room.” “I have no quarrels with anyone on the Internet.” It wasn’t a gay-hating tweet. It wasn’t that. …. “If you think I hate you for being gay, you could not be more wrong.” [….]

“I — and my spouse — want to be able to talk to our child about such things. I didn’t intend to upset anyone. I’m sure I did. I won’t apologize for the tweet because I didn’t think it was wrong. “I’m going to stand by what I wrote.”

Why should you let the truth get in your way of crushing someone just because you believe a false narrative? Many companies today are in this position: They’ll do anything to conform to the liberal narrative. This is evident with Target and Bud Light. The crash has caused Bud Light to lose 30% of its sales and fall out of the top spot. Distributors now believe that the problem will be permanent. Target has also been downgraded and its stock price has plummeted. Elon Musk, Kevin O’Leary, and others have said that Target may soon face the wrath of its shareholders.

It looks like the boycott of Call of Duty is now underway.