Whoopi Goldberg Sticks Her Foot in It With Ridiculous Remark About White People Getting Beaten

It’s interesting to me what the people behind “The View,” think about the content that they put out on that show. It’s often a festival full of delusion and inaccuracy. It’s not easy to find the person who says or does the craziest thing during a week on “The View,” but it is often close between Joe Biden and the ladies of “The View.”

I wrote last week about Whoopi Goldberg’s defense against Joe Biden in the classified documents scandal. Her comments were remarkable. With Monday’s remarks, Whoopi was clearly aiming for the crown this week.

“Seems things don’t seem to make sense to people unless it’s somebody they can feel or they can recognize,” Whoopi exclaimed. “But how many times do we have to – Do you we need to see white people also get beaten before anybody will do anything?” Whoopi then tried to recover and say she was “not suggesting that. So, don’t write us and tell me what a racist I am.”

Is that not problematic in many ways? Is she suggesting that people who don’t identify as black shouldn’t feel empathy for those who are? This wouldn’t explain the many reactions to Tyre Nichols’ beating that people saw in the video. It is quite vile to suggest that People don’t care about race.

Then, she raises more issues when she asks if we “need white people to also be beaten.” She quickly retracts her statement, claiming she was not suggesting it. Whoopi also confirmed that white people had been beaten by police. Did you know this, or didn’t you care because you couldn’t “feel” or recognize the victim? It’s all about race, but, again, as in the Tyre Nichols Case, it doesn’t seem that race has anything to do.

Newsbusters points out that Whoopi has missed important events like the beating death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man, who cried for his mom while officers beat him to death. And the shooting death by police of Daniel Shaver, a man crawling on the ground and begging for food, which he was told to do by an officer.

Tyre Nichols’ case is an example of police being fired and charged with murder. It sounds like justice is being done.

Goldberg attacked the “other side” of the police and accused them of thinking that they were “murderers” first.

Is it because people have made us look like monsters and dehumanized our humanity? Listening to the other side on television, they speak about us as if we were nothing. She said that she didn’t know how it would turn out. Although I don’t know who she is trying to get a shot at with the “other side”, maybe you should evaluate who’s missing here.

“I like the fact that there is some thought process that might actually get us one step beyond murder being the first thing in people’s heads,” Whoopi added, seemingly accusing police that they view murder as the first course of action. This is a shameful attack against the police, who are trying their best to do a job that is getting more difficult in progressive cities.

We can do anything that would improve policing. What we have seen is that people on the opposite “side” are making big moves to be anti-police and to defund the police. What have they done? This has made matters worse for black people, particularly. We’ve seen police officers who are experienced flee the force to retire in progressive cities as a result of attacks and attempts to defund them. We have seen the end of anti-crime police forces. People, including blacks like Secoriea Turner, eight years old, and David Dorn (retired police captain), have been killed by the BLM/Antifa Riots.

But what was the suggestion of “The View?” Sunny Hostin called for more police defunding, saying that money should be diverted to “homelessness,” mental health, and poverty. Most progressive cities spend a lot of money on these issues, but they don’t make them better. It would only hinder the ability of police officers to properly train and protect citizens.

It makes no sense, but that’s “The View”.