America Takes Another Lap Down The Drain

We are getting close to the end of our ropes, even if we don’t go all in on this one. Texas is the latest indicator that American culture is in decline. Although Texas is supposed to be a sanctuary state for normalcy and order, let’s face it: your living room is the only safe place. Your living room might not count if there is a TV.

Sara Gonzales, of Defend Our Kids TX, was recently expelled from a drag show she was filming. It was also streamed live on Facebook, which is quite interesting. Children were among the many adults who enjoyed the show while sipping beer, wine, or drinks that looked like they might have been bought at a convenience store. Parents who are the most fashionable and trendy will take their children to drag events where alcohol is served. The master (or mistress?) will then rise and offer the following toast: The master (or mistress?) of ceremonies raises his glasses and makes the following toast: Cheers to you, cheers for me. “Cheers to those who lick us when we pee!”

If you feel the urge, you can view the video below. Warning!


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I can drink too many things but not this. If you watched the entire thing (and you did, then you probably have a titanium stomach), the part where drag queens perform and the audience howls like coyotes is the most memorable. Other children race to the floor in pursuit of the tip money, along with the performer’s child. The M.C. The M.C.

These parents were told by who? It is the culture. The culture. Who convinced them that this would help raise well-adjusted kids? Culture. This is the culture. The parents are the ones who chase the culture. I know from personal experience that this type of parent values is at the forefront. This is all about ego. This is cutting-edge to the point that it can be called lobotomization. Once everyone believes that sexualizing children is a good idea, then the problem disappears.

It is not necessary to say this, but it is up to consenting adults to choose what they do with their time. It is a recipe for disaster to bring children into it.

Although we didn’t get a red wave this time, we were in the middle of a blue one for a while. It looks similar to the one in your toilet bowl. It is only different that this blue wave is intended to clean your toilet. This blue wave is inviting you to swim in it.