Whoopi Goldberg Steps in It Again

Whoopi Goldberg believes she is in 1939 living in Berlin circa.

Goldberg “stepped in it again” when she accused TPUSA, a conservative group, of inviting Nazis to their Tampa, Fla. event on Saturday.

A group of “Nazis”, apparently, showed up at the event. Because everyone recalls the fake white supremacists (one of which was actually black) who showed up at Glenn Youngkin’s event last year during Virginia’s gubernatorial elections, I wrote “Nazis”.

Not to mention that Antifa protestors disappeared magically moments before “Nazis”, arrived at the TPUSA events.

Sara Haines, one of the View harpies, said on air that she had a legal note. Turning Point USA, a conservative group, has condemned the group and stated that they have nothing to do with the organization.

“But they let them in,” Whoopi grumbled. “You allowed them in, and you knew who they were. You are now complicit.

Goldberg returned from a commercial break and began to recover her Nazi-rific stupidity.

Whoopi said, “I just want to clarify the neo-Nazis who were at the Turning Point event. They were outside protesters.” She couldn’t stop talking. “My point was metaphorical. I wanted to say that they should be accepted at their own pace. They were not there. They weren’t in the building. They were among the people around the thing.”

Whoopi displayed her intellectual prowess when she said that the Holocaust was not about “race” last January. She later apologized and was briefly suspended from her show.

Whoopi once compared the Confederate flag (also known as Star and Bars) to the Nazi Swastika Flag.

But wait! There’s more!

Whoopi compared Trump’s southern border immigration camps to the fake concentration camps that the Nazis built to fool the Red Cross into believing people weren’t being killed.

Referring to the 2019 verbal jousting between Trump and Rep. Elijah Cummings, (D-Md. Whoopi again brought up Nazis.

“Cummings had good reasons to say there was a problem,” Whoopi bragged on “The View.” World War II began in 1939. Tens of thousands of Jews were held in Nazi labor camps between 1941 and 1945. The camp existed, but the Nazis concealed the truth of their activities when the Red Cross was invited in 1944 to inspect it. They built a fake camp. It was almost like everything was fine here. Everyone was eating. People were singing and moving around.

Caryn Johnson is Whoopie’s real name. She was given the name “Whoopi” to describe her gassy personality (think “whoopie cushion”), and she added “Goldberg” to her last name because her mom believed that a Jewish last would be a benefit for her showbiz career. She is not Jewish.

Whoopi’s insatiable obsession with comparing conservatives and Nazis is both disturbing and gross. Many of the people who read this, including me, have family members who fought to stop the Nazis from their tracks. The race sells and Whoopi knows who signs her massive checks. Perhaps reality isn’t as important for her as her juicy bank account.