Portland Schools Five-Year-Olds on People With Penises, Tells Kids Their Families Are LGBTQIA2S+

There have been many changes in kindergartens, particularly in Northwestern Oregon.

Christopher Rufo (City Journal’s correspondent) shared lesson plans from Portland Public Schools Wednesday. The district offers information for kindergarteners on sex and human anatomy.

Slides say “Welcome scientists!” The slides show a penis and scrotum.


These parts are more common in boys. Any type of body can be had by any child.

This applies to people with a vagina.

Next are the naked cartoons.

A person with a penis (circumcised or not)

A person with a Vulva

Also, teachers get guidance

Use the slide text, which has been carefully chosen to include all gender identities. This lesson can be used by all ages from kindergarten through third grade.

An illustrated tag stating “Hello” “My Name _____ and My Pronouns _____”

Portland disproves the myth that names can hurt me.

We should use a name that someone has given us. It makes them feel safe…

Children have the right idea. Parents might be wrong.

Only you can know what your gender is. Even if other people don’t understand, you are the only person who knows you the best. … Any gender can look or act any way they want.

Jacob’s New Dress, a book.

Sometimes doctors or adults are wrong. We can’t ask babies their gender because they can’t talk.

The bottom line:

A lot of times people with these parts are boys, but any gender and kid can have any type of body.

Per PPS, the same goes for “people with” vaginas.

Children are encouraged and supported to express themselves with their hair, makeup, and clothes.

Pronouns can be referred to as “ze/zir” or “ones you make up.” ”

The binary sexual system was created by Caucasians. It might seem strange to think that non-white books such as the Bible recognized a rule for men or women.


The White European settlers brought their views on gender and sexuality with them to other countries. These ideas still influence how we view gender hundreds of decades later.

It’s clear:

Gender is Colonized.

For third graders, Portland covers pride flags, pride marches, and “LGBTQIA2S+.”

Everything is socially constructed and related:

  • Assigned sex
  • Gender identity
  • Gender expression
  • Sexuality

“Dominant Culture & Oppression,” lists “Straight,” Cisgender, and “Heteronomative.” ”

We address pernicious power:

Transphobia is the belief that transgender people and cultures are oppressed by people, systems, and cultures. Transphobic acts and ideas can be malicious or not.

For socially conscious children:

BIPOC is concerned that the poor, disabled and other LGBTQIA+ people are still being oppressed in Queer Culture. He is currently working to free ALL people.

This information is overwhelming for children to process and is very different from all the other information that has existed until now. The parents made the decisions about hairstyles, makeup, and clothes. Five-year-olds didn’t know much about genitally correct cartoons.

PPS stresses the myth of stereotypes. PPS even presents problems that kids can solve.

Dong is a friend who wants to learn ballet but is afraid of being teased by other children.

This tutorial will explain that you can be either a boy or a woman.

Some questions might be asked. If gender is a social construct, then why are PPS teachers teaching gender? With so many options to be a boy or a girl, how can it be possible to have “neither” or “both”?

It is extremely sophisticated. It’s hoped that those who are still in the booger-eating age will be able to figure it out.

You’ll need:

  • You’re LGBTQIA2S+
  • Friends
  • Classmates
  • Family members
  • Family friends
  • Teachers
  • Teammates

All people have had to deal at one time or another with transgender individuals.

It’s an exciting new day indeed.