Who Wants to Tell the Ridiculous Ladies of The View About the Bahamas?

A daily mish-mash containing bad hot takes and misinformation that is known as The Talk (which poor cat ladies who are addicted to boxed wines watch across the country) celebrates its 25th anniversary. They packed up and headed to the Bahamas for the big celebration. They decided to sit on the beach and ponder recent Supreme Court decisions. We now have the complete reaction of the coven to the Dobbs-v. Jackson Women’s Health ruling thanks to social media.

They are obviously very upset over Dobbs. Whoopi Goldberg, the host of the show, wanted to clarify that Dobbs’ decision was about who has the right to decide about another person’s reproductive options. This is the first failure. It was about whether the Constitution gives women the right to abortion. If it isn’t, the elected representatives of the people can revoke their authority to pass laws to regulate it.

Joy Behar admitted she was shocked, both she and Ana Navarro acknowledged that they should have been notified by the Dobbs leak that Roe was about to be overturned. Sunny Hostin was surprised that the draft leaked was nearly identical to the final. She stated that although the court was basically saying that it’s time for all new life, we can still shoot them with our newly unrestricted guns. You don’t have to. I listen.

Hostin was upset that the precedent no longer seemed to matter and lamented Justice Clarence Thomas’s agreement that there were other Supreme Court decisions that had no foundation in the Constitution. Roe v. Wade, which was handed down by SCOTUS, has been widely criticized. Even Left-leaning legal scholars have criticized it as a poorly-thought legal decision that gave rise to a nonexistent right. The court is unlikely to take up Thomas’s decisions, even though they are likely similar.

Navarro attempted to make a comeback from her CNN appearance in which she basically said that we should allow abortion to ensure that parents don’t have the responsibility of disabled children. Of course, she loves her disabled family members. Navarro believes families should be able to choose to end their lives, despite the fact that they are aware of the burdens they place on others. She then acted as if the pro-life movement was unwilling to discuss adoption and support services. Uh, okay. Did she ever vote Republican?

Sara Haines, Sara’s co-host, was both stupid and bright. The silly part. First, is the absurd part. She claimed that the ruling would not decrease the number of abortions. Instead, it would lower safe abortions. Pro-choice and Planned Parenthood have opposed every state law that would ensure safe procedures. They oppose basic requirements such as ensuring doctors who perform abortions have hospital admitting privileges in the event of an emergency. During the year SCOTUS ruled Roe, the death rates from abortions were roughly the same for legal as illegal procedures. For years, the myth that back-alley abortions were responsible for a large number of deaths prior to Roe has been disproven.

Haines displayed a much better grasp of the issue when calling out Democrats who had a supermajority (in 1993) and, as recently as 2009, but did not codify abortion rights. This is a crucial point, and she is correct, as Navarro noted that it has been a wedge topic for decades. Haines stressed that everyone knew Roe was not safe due to the way it was decided. Precisely, Sara. That is why SCOTUS overturned Dobbs.

Goldberg then claimed that Planned Parenthood is a program that focuses on annual examinations for women. It is misleading to claim that Planned Parenthood offers mammograms. If a woman has an abnormal pap smear she will be referred to a doctor who can provide care. Women’s health centers that offer full-service are better options. One Twitter user pointed out:

Goldberg rants that Dobbs was about families having the right to make their own reproductive decisions. It wasn’t. It will not change in New Jersey where Goldberg resides, as SCOTUS has returned the issue to the states. The states that have the most restrictive abortion laws were the ones with the most violent protests. They will likely return home once they realize that they are sufficiently divided on these issues and that nothing will change in their area. Since Texas had an effective ban against abortion for many months, no one has rioted in California. It is unnecessary to do so now.

Perhaps someone should inform the women that they are on a beach in a country where women have to have children. Even President Biden and other Democrats are worried about the fate of the poor women Goldberg and others. According to the U.S. State Department, 95% of Bahamian residents have a religious affiliation and 70% are Protestant. The Bahamian penal code currently states that anyone who is involved in an abortion can receive a sentence of 10 years imprisonment. This includes women. The U.S. has some state laws that hold abortion providers accountable.

Perhaps The View staff should look into abortion access before they book their next trip. They wouldn’t want to spend all their money on a country that doesn’t share their values. Similar laws are found in most Caribbean countries. Even Europe has more restrictions than states such as New York and California. Maybe the View’s ladies would feel more at home in China and North Korea with their expansive abortion policies, as they host their next big party.

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