Who Is Christopher Wray Covering Up For?

Christopher Wray is the King of Cover-Ups. He continues to stonewall investigators from the Congressional Oversight Committee, treating their subpoenas like the paper you’d put down for your dog. But the question of motive keeps coming up.

Wray is withholding information from the congressional investigators. A carpenter sees everything as a hammer. But in Washington, everything is seen as politics. Is it?

What if Wray’s not covering the truth out of politics? Why is he so obsessed with Shades, and the rat’s nest of dummy businesses his family set up? And what is in it for the FBI in ignoring the cash flow that comes from shady countries into a trough of thieves?

Is it possible to achieve justice through a thorough investigation that is slow? When the FBI ignored the neon sign saying “Possible crime scene – Open for business – Dial here for dollars”, it ruined its credibility.

Wray is a master at covering up the truth. The FBI has been very successful in hiding evidence from Congress. Why?

Hunter Biden is a self-sabotaging man. He has gotten himself and others in trouble by slipping into it.

The laptop reveals the bizarre story of the former FBI director Louis Freeh.

Why would a former FBI director give $100K in cash to the grandchildren of Joe Biden, a multimillionaire? Did former or current FBI employees adopt Shades Biden’s family and lavish them with money? Louis Freeh, is he the only FBI employee or alumni who make such bizarre financial transactions?

Historians argue whether Richard Nixon’s 1960 election was rigged. Cook County, Ill. appears to be one place where there may have been a theft. Daley’s machine helped Kennedy win by 9,000 votes.

It could be that the FBI doesn’t cover up political actors within the executive branch.

Is Christopher Wray covering up for Biden’s family members or for the FBI? Who benefits from the stone wall Wray is constructing around the FBI’s secret files? The only way to clear the air is to let sunlight in. Taxpayers have a right to know what is going on inside a federal agency they are paying for. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy needs to start playing hardball with the FBI to get these subpoenas complied with — now!