Florida Man’s Shocking Arrest: Living with Mother’s Decomposing Body

Florida police reported that they discovered a foul smell and flies, which led them to discover a body in decomposition that had been hidden by a person’s son.

After not hearing from Layni for several days, a friend of 55-year-old Layni called the police to ask for a check-up.

Deputies from Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office reported that when they first called the house at around 5 pm on Friday, no one answered.

Police said that after knocking on the door multiple times without any response, the deputies checked the perimeter and found a foul smell emanating from the house.

A man eventually walked out the door and immediately locked it behind him.

Justin D. Carver (36), the man who was identified by police, was evasive about his mother. However, they were eventually able to gain entry into the house and discover her body.

The investigators recorded the details.

They wrote: “DFC noticed that the deceased subject had started to bloat with marbling of skin and skin slippage.”

In response to a police question, Carver’s son said that he discovered her body on a Wednesday. He said that Carver had also filed a no-contact order against him prior to her death.

The son was accused of failing to notify a death to the medical examiner, and also for resisting a police officer without violence. He was arrested and booked at the Charlotte County Jail.

WPLG-TV reported that a neighbor said the son was in trouble many times with the police prior to this incident.

One neighbor said, “That guy had issues from the start.” The cops were always picking him up. “It’s very sad.”

He suggested that it was possible that the son may have had something to do with his mother’s demise.

He said, “Layni has a lot to deal with, but she is still a human being, and even if the boy did her harm, it’s not worth it.”

He also described the smell that emanated from the house.

“Death. Like something decomposing. It was horrible,” he added.

Here is a local report on the incident.