White House Physician: Biden’s COVID Symptoms Have Improved, but He Had a Fever

According to the White House physician President Biden’s COVID-19 symptoms had “improved” on Friday. He shared with us that he still has still been having fever symptoms since Thursday night.

Biden first tested positive for COVID-19 Thursday.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, President’s Physician, stated that the president had “completed the first day of Paxlovid last night.”

O’Connor stated that “his symptoms have improved” and noted that O’Connor had observed that O’Connor “did take a temperature of 99.4degF yesterday evening, which was favorable to acetaminophen(TYLENOL).

O’Connor said that his temperature had remained stable.

His voice is deeper this morning. O’Connor said that his pulse and blood pressure, as well as oxygen saturation, were all normal in ambient air.

O’Connor said that Biden is being “well-tolerated” by the team and that Paxlovid will be continued as planned. O’Connor also stated that the treatment would include Tylenol and oral hydration. He also uses the albuterol Inhaler when needed.

He explained that his Crestor and apixaban are being kept while he undergoes PAXLOVID treatment. They will remain there for several days after the last dose.

O’Connor said that Biden had been “fully vaccinated” twice and that he was boosted. He will likely respond positively, as with most patients who are maximally protected.

O’Connor said that his case was not a case of severe illness.

O’Connor said that he would keep him isolated in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. O’Connor also stated that he would keep an eye on his progress during the outpatient program. O’Connor stated that he would update you if there were any changes to his condition or treatment.

Biden just returned from a trip to Massachusetts with high-ranking officials of the administration, including Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren.

Later, President Biden’s Twitter account posted a photo of him sitting at his desk with a pen and looking over some papers.

“Folks! I’m doing great. President thanked him for his concern. We are sorry we missed your event. Keep busy!

First lady Jill Biden told reporters that she tested negative for COVID-19. She will keep following CDC guidelines.

Kamala Harris the Vice President of the United States. She stated that she also tested negative on Thursday.

Reporters asked Dr. Ashish Jha, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, where Biden could have contracted the virus. Jean Pierre intervened to clarify that it was not important.

She said, “Look, it doesn’t matter to us.” She stated that what matters most is how we prepare for the moment.

Dr. Jha’s explanation is the best. She said, “If you look back at where it was a year ago this is an incumbent President. One of his top priorities, when he arrived, was to ensure that there was a plan in place for getting everyone vaccinated. We can see that vaccines have become more affordable and that people are living a more normal life.

She stated that Dr. Jha had recommended that everyone be vaccinated.