When Asked About Running in 2024 Biden Lays An Egg

In all the excitement surrounding the 2024 GOP Primary, it is worth noting that Democrats remain in limbo with Joe Biden refusing to make a decision about a reelection campaign. He was again challenged on this front while at Easter celebrations, and he laid an egg.

You will understand that I literally mean it. He spoke of squeezing eggs from his backside. This man is either the most eccentric or the most senile to ever occupy The White House.

You could insert a meme showing someone looking cross-eyed at the end of the article. But I have a word count so let’s get on with it.

Biden is talking about what in the world? When asked by someone if he is running for president in 2024, Biden replies that he would like to talk about the finer points involved with humans laying eggs. I don’t know what he meant, but it is a timeless statement about the current White House resident.

Jill Biden’s forced laughter, in which she pretends her husband is funny and not in a state of mental decline, is my favorite part of the clip. If she wasn’t so naive as to have placed the president in this position, I would feel sorry for her. It would have been a good moment to look at the signs and take action, as Biden’s eye was exploding during the 2020 primary debate. Jill Biden wasn’t going to be denied her moment in sunlight. Yes, we all suffer, but it’s a small price for a woman in her 70s who wants to be Eleanor Roosevelt.

Let’s not forget about Biden, and why he continues to deny a run for the 2024 election. There are several reasons that I believe can be proven. One, he must start financial disclosures as soon as he declares. A lack of fundraising will not be good for the incumbent. It would signal lackluster enthusiasm and open up opportunities for potential challengers. He can wait until the end of the second quarter to report, which gives him the air of predictability and allows him to commit to the final part of the campaign season.

The second part of his plan is to ice other candidates. Waiting can effectively freeze the field. If Biden continues to signal a second run but does not fully commit to it, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are in danger.

Based on his past statements, it is clear that Biden will only run again against Donald Trump. Biden believes that the former president is easily defeated, regardless of his political views. This is not my opinion. Biden stated that the decision to run will depend on whether Trump is the GOP nominee. This puts the announcement of reelection sometime in the fall or late summer.

However, Biden’s 2023 Easter was better than his 2022 Easter, when the Easter Bunny had a hard time getting him away from reporters after he started to rant about Afghanistan. This is progress, I suppose.