Vivek Ramaswamy Accepts Apology About Cartoon

After running a cartoon depicting MAGA supporters attacking GOP presidential candidate Vivek RAMASWAMY, a media outlet apologized. The cartoon showed Ramaswamy standing at a podium while MAGA supporters jeered him. One audience member exclaimed, “MUSLIM! One audience member exclaimed, “MUSLIM!

Ramaswamy posted a screenshot from the cartoon and noted that it was not representative of his actual experience of meeting Americans across the country.

It’s sad to see how the MSM portrays Republicans. I’ve met grassroots conservatives in America and never *once* have I experienced the type of bigotry I see regularly from the Left. Iowa’s @qctimes has every right to publish this, but still it’s shameful,” Ramaswamy tweets.

Tom Martin, executive director at the Quad-City times and Dispatch-Argus apologised for the distribution of the cartoon.

“The cartoon was intended to criticize racism and insults. However, it uses a phrase which is both racist and insensitive towards members of the Indian American community. We have removed the cartoon from our websites, e-editions and will no longer accept any work from this cartoonist. The apology reads: “We apologize to Republican presidential candidate Vivek RAMASWAMY, the Indian American Community and our readers for the offensive material that was published in the Quad-City times and Dispatch-Argus.” The oversight that allowed the material to be published is inexcusable. We can and will do much better. “We are sorry.”

Ramaswamy accepted the apology.

“Love my Iowans from the Quad Cities. I am grateful for the warm welcome that they give me each and every time. The local paper @qctimes has apologized for its recent unfunny cartoon that bigotedly denigrated the right. I accept. “I’m a former standup comedian & I will always forgive a poor joke,” tweeted the presidential candidate.