Guess Who the Portland Proud Boys Unmasked at a Pride Protest?

It started with the peaceful protest of a “pride” drag show by a children’s theater group during the first-ever Pride Day in a small town near Portland, Ore. It could have ended there but for a brawl between the Proud Boys and the masked bunch who attempted to infiltrate the group on Saturday. The gauzy in-between of it all is being seized upon by politicos such as former Congressman Adam Kinzinger and Rep. Eric Swalwell to make their political points. Even Elon Musk wanted to know what was going on. Naturally, because the media and Democrat narrative prevail, the Proud Boys are taking the brunt of the criticism. But the story is not quite so pat as that.

The infiltrators, who were dressed in black, and tried to join the muscular Proud Boys in street clothes, were chased and beaten out of the Oregon City protest.

This video has been viewed more than 8,000,000 times on social media.

A black-bloc group of men was told “Get out!” and “Go!” But then, something even more intriguing happened. The Proud Boys revealed the identity of the intruders.

Interlopers dressed as Patriot Front members, a group that has recently risen to prominence, is a racist group and was believed by many memes to have been infiltrated at an earlier protest.

If this is true, the masked racism didn’t fare well. Proud Boys tells “f*** racism” to leave.

Some readers found it strange that Adam Kinzinger (now a former congressman and member of the January 6 Committee), who was crying, appeared to be ready to believe the masked men in khaki trousers were “feds.”

Kinzinger tweeted: “These people are (all blue checks), celebrating an apparent MAGA assault against federal officers.” “Now, i [sic] do not know what this is,” Kinzinger said. “But take a look at the comments made by the ‘patriots.’ They ‘love America.’ ‘”

Kinzinger missed the story, as he is now a CNN commentator. He seemed to avoid the question of the feds’ presence and was more interested in the fact that the people on the right are happy they were unmasked. Who wouldn’t think about the possibility that the feds were there after what happened on Jan. 6, 2020, when the local police and the federal government crawled all over and did everything except stop a riot at the Capitol Building?

Swalwell thought that it was great that there was a fight between the right-wingers. But is this true?

The user of Twitter “OMG_Like_Really,” which posted the video, thought Antifa had done it. He called out a Rose City Antifa member who was known to have been present at many of the group’s attacks including those against journalist Andy Ngo. I had interviewed the Antifa member on my Adult in the Room Podcast before I was aware that he was responsible for the attack against Andy Ngo.

Elon Musk asked, “Who are the unmasked people?”

Miranda Devine, a reporter for the New York Post, thought that it was crucial to reveal who was behind this group.

This story does not reveal their identities. Too many questions remain unanswered.

Wasn’t that the original problem? This was:

The Proud Boys supported a number of efforts to stop Leftist sexualization. If you understand their history, this makes sense.

Proud Boys, a group of multi-ethnic men who are empowering themselves, came onto the scene. They promoted Western values, God, and country. They did not like the Left, who denigrated men.

Antifa started targeting the group before, during, and after the 2016 elections. The Proud Boys were Trump supporters at the time. The narrative-setters in the media and Democrat circles – the narrative-makers – referred to the Proud Boys as “fascists.” Whenever a fight broke out, the Proud Boys would be accused of initiating or escalating violence.

The group was told to leave Portland. This was a warning that Antifa never received.

Proud Boys attended the protest on Jan. 6, 2021, outside the Capitol. The group was the eyes and ears of the feds who were watching the protest, but they were arrested by the DOJ on charges of conspiracy to riot. Some claim they were framed.

This brings us to Saturday. The Proud Boys are no angels, but they aren’t racists or any of the “ists” and “phobes” the Left labels people who don’t agree with them. But it brings up another question: why isn’t Antifa standing up for children?

Here’s a possible explanation.