Video Shows Massive Fireball Rising Out of Stricken Cuban Oil Storage Facility

After an explosion at a Cuban oil storage facility, a stunning video shows a huge fireball rising to the sky.

According to Lt. Col. Alexander Avalos, chief of Cuba’s fire department, the fire had destroyed at least four tanks at Matanzas Supertanker Base as of Monday evening. Television Cubana was informed.

He said, “The fire has taken an even greater magnitude.”

At least one person died, 125 were injured, and 14 others are missing since Friday night’s lighting of one of the eight tanks.

On Saturday, another tank caught fire, triggering several explosions at this facility which plays an important role in Cuba’s electric grid.

A resident shared a video on Sunday night that shows a large fireball and smoke turning orange in the sky.

Mexico and Venezuela sent special teams to extinguish the flames using water cannons, planes, and helicopters. They also used military construction specialists to create barriers to prevent oil spillages.

Residents were warned by local officials to wear face masks and stay indoors due to the thick layer of smoke that could be seen more than 65 miles from Havana, the capital. Officials warned residents that the cloud could contain sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances.