Homeless Florida Man Takes Stolen Construction Equipment on Joyride, Leaves Path of Destruction

According to authorities, a Florida homeless man, who was described as a career criminal and joyriding on stolen equipment, took part in the theft. On Saturday, he caused more than 10,000 dollars of damage.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office reported that Randy Lee Wealand (56), operated a $60,000 JLG Lull at 8 AM on Ocean Shore Boulevard in Beverly Beach.

Investigators discovered that Wealand had stolen the heavy machinery from a location and driven it 2.5 miles to Beverly Beach. They also found Wealand running into two fire hydrants and Charter Communications fiber node. He also damaged sections of sidewalks.

Sheriff Rick Staly said that “this career criminal decided for a joyride with a large piece of construction equipment.” “Wealand could’ve done more damage without the deputies who stopped and took him into custody”.

This was Wealand’s first arrest in Flagler County. The transient man was a felon with three convictions in Pennsylvania and eight in Florida.

The convictions include criminal mischief, burglary, public drunkenness, grand theft auto, boating under the influence, battery on a law enforcement officer, impersonating a law enforcement officer, battery on a person over 65, exploitation of elderly less than 20,000 dollars, and weapons charges, among others.

Wealand was also accused of grand theft and theft at a construction site.

He was held at Sheriff Perry Hall Detention Facility on a $12,500 bond.