Unbelievable PAT Kick! Texas High School Football Player Makes One-in-a-Million Shot

The best catch of all time happened during a Texas high school football game. It had nothing to do with the players or spectators in the stands.

On Sept. 15, Gordon High School and Live Oak Classical School were playing in Waco. Live Oak Classic athletic director Brice Helton shared a video of a point-after-touchdown attempt made at the perfect time.

Gordon’s kicker lined up for the PAT, and it sailed through the uprights. However, because there were no nets, the ball was able to travel through and over the fence. Somehow, a passerby was able to make the grab.

The ball fell into the passenger’s seat of an automobile driving past. The crowd went crazy.

“One out of a million kicks by PAT” Helton wrote that a car was driving past with its window down.

Dude Perfect, the crew who set the standard for tricks shots in the social-media era, gave it a 10 out of 10.

The group wrote “Immaculate accident timing & Precision” on X.

According to KWTX-TV, a recent Baylor University Graduate caught the ball.