Desperate City That Defunded Police Looks to Red State for Officers

There were overreactions by liberal mayors all around the world after the death of George Floyd. San Francisco, one of the most liberal of cities, reduced the budget of its police and sheriff departments by $120 million.

Mayor London Breed said the following at the time of the announcement:

Reforming our criminal justice system must go hand-in-hand with policy changes and budget investments to make our city more equitable. By redirecting funding from law enforcement agencies back into the African-American community, we are putting our words into action, and we are doing it by listening to a community that for too long has been unheard and underserved. We chose to change how this city and how this country treats our young Black men.

I hope that she has her favorite seasonings on hand because now she’s going to have to eat them. She’s caused an unprecedented increase in crime. After those initial budget cuts, last year the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a 50 million dollar increase for the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), but it was clearly not enough.

As of Sunday, the SFPD reported 40 murders, compared with 36 in the same period in 2022. Robberies have increased from 1,704 to 1,989, causing many businesses to leave the city. Total reported crimes have risen to 36,573 and will surpass 37,674 in 2018.

The city will be visiting four universities in the state of Texas, which is under the leadership of Gov. Greg Abbott. These four campuses are Texas Southern University (TSU), Sam Houston State University (SHS), Prairie View A&M University and Texas A&M University.

Matt Dorsey is a former communications staffer for the police. He stated that full-time police officers in the department has decreased by 335 since 2017. As of January, the city had 1,537 police officers. A police staffing analysis determined the city required more than 2,100 police officers to function properly.

Earlier in the week, the San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association claimed that Breed had again defunded the department. The association said that it learned of the cuts at a labor-management meeting. When the association asked about the cuts, it was told that the City was broke.

Ken Lomba, president of the San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association said: “We’re trying to assist, but the mayor keeps blocking us from helping. ”

There were 84 fatalities in August and 66 of those involved fentanyl. Recent figures indicate that the number of overdose deaths is continuing to increase. This has led more businesses to close and move away because of this dangerous environment.

Old Navy and Nordstrom announced in recent months that they would be closing all of their locations in the city. Since 2019, Union Square, a shopping area that I personally frequented on numerous occasions, has lost over 96 businesses. There were once 203 stores, but now there are only 107.

Loss of revenue caused economists to warn the city they were falling into an urban doom cycle. When office space and retail stores close, it creates a real estate apocalypse which slows down commerce and destroys tax revenue.

London breed is a woke, liberal, who has lost touch with reality. Was she seriously thinking that cutting police budgets and losing police officers would make city streets safer? When you combine fewer police officers out on the street enforcing law enforcement with a woke justice system that allows criminals to be released back onto the street, the result is a police force whose morale and effectiveness are crushed.

It’s ironic that San Francisco while blaming Greg Abbott for sending immigrants to Los Angeles because it is her “welcoming” city, is looking to his state to find police reinforcements in order to patrol San Francisco.

Liberal lunacy and the results of woke decisions are on full display in San Francisco. No one is leaving their heart there anymore; they’re just leaving.