U.S. Soldier: Army Demands Cash for Personal Gear Left Behind in Afghanistan

Illegal alien criminals, child traffickers, and potential terrorists violating our laws to cross the southern U.S. border get all kinds of moolah and freebies. But if you’re an American soldier who put everything on the line to defend your country, Uncle Sam would apparently like a thousand bucks for that gear you were told you COULDN’T bring out of Afghanistan.

The Biden administration’s hatred for our military has been evident, especially after the disastrous withdrawal which left thousands of Americans, and their allies, stranded, in the hellhole that is Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Congressmen were not required to take the COVID-19 vaccine, but West Point students and military personnel had to be vaccinated or they would lose their jobs. The Biden administration continues to pour billions of dollars that we do not have into Ukraine where young Ukrainian men are dying for no reason. And the government is spending new money on unreliable, toxic, and inefficient “green” energy. One soldier, who is leaving the military, found out that the Army wanted him to cough up $500 to $1,000 for military equipment that he was told to leave in Afghanistan.

A U.S. Army Soldier explains his situation in an undated TikTok shared by Citizen Free Press on Gettr. He began by saying, “[I] want to share something with you today.” Why was he so angry? “I want to holler, scream, yell but it will do no good.” Today is gear return day. I turn in the gear I have collected during my four years of active duty with the Army, 82nd Airborne Division.

The soldier explained the background. He explained that two years ago his unit was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Afghanistan withdrawal. “We spent about a week there.” It was chaotic, chaotic, disgusting, and made me very dissatisfied with our government. It became a problem that was personal for the soldier.

He said: “Today I’m reminded how disappointed I am with our government.” “Go turn in my equipment, they want me to pay 500-1000 dollars for gear I was told to leave in Afghanistan 2 years ago. As the two last birds (airplanes) were preparing to depart, there was no room for additional gear or weight. We were then told to leave the extra gear and weight.

Some enlisted soldiers were more savvy than their leaders. “Some lower-enlisted guys, including myself, were like ‘no’, this stuff was expensive, I won’t leave this, I will be charged for it when the time comes to leave’,” said the soldier. He was told, “Don’t worry. We’ll catch you at the end.” His gear was added to the $7 billion in U.S. military equipment left behind by the Taliban for them to use, sell, and steal.

The Biden administration was not concerned with preventing terrorist Taliban from obtaining equipment. Instead, it asked this soldier for cash. The soldier stated that the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and Ukraine continue to receive large amounts of money. “We can give billions to Ukraine and billions to the Taliban. We can also give billions to student debt relief. We can even give stupid stimulus checks to the American public. But we cannot cover $500 to $1,000 for someone who left their gear in Afghanistan.

People wonder why people who were once devoted to the military now tell their children and friends not to join. The soldier said, “The government’s so backward at the moment, man.” The American people are the last priority of this administration, and within the American public, the last priority of the American people is their soldiers. It’s so messed up.”

The soldier’s assessment is accurate. I thought today would be bittersweet because it was my last day, but now I am so glad to have separated. I am very, very happy to leave my government behind and start serving my country.