Poll Shows Younger Americans Are Sympathetic to Hamas Terrorists

The progressive brainwashing of America’s youth is beginning to yield a lot of fruit for the radical left, as we can see from the sheer number of young people in this country who support a radical terrorist group’s actions to wipe Israelis out of existence. Back in the day, we referred to that kind of thing as “anti-Semitism” or “Nazism,” but today it goes by other names like “Democrat,” “liberal,” and “progressive.”

Ironic, that the left believes that conservatives are bigots and racists despite the majority of us supporting policies and principles that would benefit everyone regardless of skin color. The left values people based on their ethnicity or culture, while we do not. We’re the bad guys. Make sense.

Harvard-Harris’ latest poll shows that younger Americans are more likely than older people to show solidarity with Hamas. This is not surprising at all.

The extreme indoctrination of children today is not something that older generations experience. Public schools were much more civilized in the past. When I was in elementary, we had a Christmas production about the birth of Jesus every year. Yes, it was a public school. The times have changed and not for the better.

According to the poll, 49% of Americans aged 18-24 believe Israel is responsible for Gaza’s humanitarian crisis. Meanwhile, 22% of Americans overall feel that the Jewish state was responsible for Hamas’ attack on Israel in October 2007. This, ladies and gentlemen, is antisemitism.

60 percent of the 18-24 age group said that Hamas and Israel have similar justifications. Between the ages 55-62, 20% of those surveyed are pro-Hamas while 80% say there is “no moral equivalent” between Hamas’s individual democracies and Israel.

The survey was conducted between November 15-16, and 2,851 registered electors participated.

A poll result has me completely astonished. Harvard-Harris polled 18-24-year-olds and found that 51% said Hamas respects religious and ethnic minorities such as Christians and Jews.

These kids get their news from CNN or MSNBC because radical Islamists don’t care about other people’s religious beliefs. This is the entire point of their jihad, against Israel and any other nation with a non-Muslim majority that does not enforce Sharia Law and conversion on its citizens.

The Quran clearly states that the “People of the Book”, i.e., Christians and Jews, are enemies who must be converted, forced to pay taxes, or killed. Oppression, death, or conversion. Does this suggest that you are tolerant of those who hold different religious beliefs? I don’t believe so.

It’s unfortunate that this type of thinking will be more prevalent among youths due to the indoctrination received in classrooms. The damage caused by liberal educators is too great to be undone in a single day. We must get the federal government as quickly as possible out of education.