Trump Plans Ohio Senate Endorsement in Crowded Field

Donald Trump is careful about who he endorses in Ohio’s Republican Senate race, which is used to help candidates win his support.

In recent days, Trump has apparently settled on endorsing Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance, according to NBCNews, which reports that he asked aides to write up an endorsement speech for the candidate.

Three viable, well-funded Ohio candidates are trying to convince Trump to reconsider after he nodded at Vance.

Vance currently occupies third place according to the most recent polls. Vance currently occupies third place according to the most recent polls.

A petition was signed by more than three dozen state party central committee members and county GOP chairmen asking Trump to not endorse Vance. These were some of California’s most populous counties. Trump called them racists and asked them to stop supporting Vance.

“While you were working to support and Make America Great Again In Ohio,” the letter stated JDVance was actively opposing your candidacy.

Cuyahoga Country GOP chair Lisa Stickan. After NBC reported that Trump was considering supporting Vance, a group of county Republican chairpersons and members of state central commissions drafted this letter.

According to the Mandel campaign’s internal Republican Poll, Trump’s endorsement would put Mandel ahead with 33%. Jane Timken, ex-chair of the GOP party, and Vance are both at 9%.

Trump is questioning Mandel’s election in Ohio with so much opposition. Trump has been absent from the Ohio Senate race for more than a year. His advisors are baffled at why Trump would endorse someone who is losing.

One person alleges that two prominent supporters and donors of Mandel tried to pressure Trump to support him at a March fundraiser for Max Miller in Ohio. He claimed that Mandel’s behavior had been “embarrassing”, without mentioning Gibbons.

The latest polling by Tony Fabrizio (pro-Vance super PAC), showed Vance ahead of Mandel and Gibbons during a three-way primary.

Trump seems unconcerned by Vance’s NeverTrumpism. This still bothers many Ohio Republicans. Trump makes a completely different calculation than local politicians to reach this conclusion. He will be supporting Vance at a Delaware speech on April 23rd.