Savage ISIS ‘Beatle’ Terrorist Convicted on All Counts, but Won’t Face Death Penalty

Thursday’s Alexandria jury convicted a member of the ISIS terror cell “The Beatles”. The group, which was reportedly brutal even by terrorist standards, reportedly executed three hostages and subjected a fourth to inhumane cruelty.

The British accents of the group earned them the nickname “The Beatles”. Lethal hostage-taking was charged as well as conspiracy to murder.

According to Reuters, the terrorist could have been sentenced to death if he was convicted. However, the prosecution has indicated that they will only seek life imprisonment. Why?!

We wrote in 2019 about how the two survivors of the group tried to be extradited to America instead of going before a judge in Iraq where they would have likely been treated harsher. In 2015, a third member of the group, “Jihadi John,” was killed in a Hellfire missile-drone strike in Syria. Turkish security captured another member and sent him to prison.

They refused to take responsibility for their crimes. CNN interviewed them in 2018.

CNN confronted Elsheikh with the fact that several of their ex-hostages and alleged victims claimed they recognize their faces from past interviews. Elsheikh refused to comment on what he stated would be a legal issue. It’s a legal accusation. If Britain claimed that it was going to treat you with barbaric or medieval law, then I would be hanged, drawn, and quartered. This is not true. “I’m just pointing it out.” Kotey also offered a similar veiled denial, refusing to comment on specific allegations.

It is difficult to understand the group’s alleged atrocities. Fox News reports:

They tortured and beat the prisoners until they fell apart. The survivors of hostages testified that their captors made fun of them by rewriting Hotel California as Hotel Osama and making them sing “You will never go.”

Their victims won’t be seen again on the Earth, and their families won’t see their loved ones. At least, we won’t see these two outside of prison walls either.