Tourist Dies Defending Girlfriend from Brazen Motorcycle Bandits in Philippines

A New Zealand tourist, who was trying to protect his girlfriend from bikers in the Philippines, died. This prompted a manhunt for his killers.

“We regret reporting this incident and extend our sympathies to the bereaved families,” police Maj. General Jonnel Estomo stated. He told reporters that he had ordered officers to leave no stone unturned until the perpetrators were brought in and prosecuted.

Nicholas Peter Stacey (34), was in the country with Pamela Villanoza (31). They were on their way to Palawan and had just arrived in Makati (a district in the capital of Manila) on February 19. A pair of motorcycle robbers stopped them and took them, hostage.

Stacey attempted to wrestle the weapon away, but the gun went off, shooting him in the chest.

Before fleeing with his accomplice, the gunman took Villanoza’s wallet and phone.

According to ABC News, Estomo described the death in isolation and said that tourists would be scared by it.

Estomo stated that tourists planning to visit the country could be afraid of this incident. Therefore, Estomo promised that they would ensure that the victim is brought to justice and that the police are available to assist.

Police will match the slugs found in the area to other crime scenes in an effort to find the suspects. According to 1 News in New Zealand, the robbers rode a Yamaha gray and black motorcycle and the gunman was dressed in a black shirt with red shorts.

Stacey’s family launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough funds to send Stacey’s body home to New Zealand.

The Givealittle page states that the loss of such an innocent, loving, kind-hearted, selfless, and young man is devastating. We are working to bring Nick home. Details about Nick’s funeral arrangements will be revealed in the coming days.

The page says that Nick was selfless and worked hard in the community and Northcross Church group. He always put others first. He loved to serve and was well-liked by his children’s church leaders. He was also a hospitality team member for the evening service and was always there to help when needed.

In the first two days of its existence, it has raised over $19,800.