Things That Didn’t Exist When Biden Was Born

Born on November 20, 1942 in Washington, President Joe Biden is very old. In response to a criticism that he was too old for office, Ronald Reagan famously rebutted it decades ago. Reagan was eight years younger than Biden when he was first sworn into office.

Biden turned 80 on Sunday. There is nothing wrong with getting old. However, for a president who loves the smell of young children and the opinions of Gen-Z Tik Tok influencers with an aversion to the scent of them, there are remarkable modern amenities that weren’t available when Biden was born.

Pop Tarts

The American sweet breakfast was not invented until President Biden was fully 20 years old. American consumers didn’t have access to the original pop tart flavors — blueberry, strawberry, cinnamon sugar, blueberry and apple currant — until November 1964.

Credit Cards

John Biggins invented the first credit card in 1946, four years after Biden’s birth. American Express did not produce its first credit card plastic until 16 years old, when the president was already 16.

Cable Television

People are pleading for the end of cable TV. Streaming services are taking control, and ratings are falling for mainstream shows as they embrace woke policies that only a small portion of the country cares about. Biden was just six years old when cable television was first invented. Hulu and Netflix are unlikely to have crossed Biden’s mind.

Cat Litter

Although it is not clear if cats were kept outside in the past or if people had more strict cleaning habits than we do today, cat litter is a fairly new invention. Edward Lowe, then five years old, invented the first cat litter in 1947. Lowe developed Tidy Cat cat litter after the invention gained popularity.

Sugar Packets

Benjamin Eisenstadt invented the first sugar packet in the mid-1940s. It wasn’t until 1957 when Eisenstadt experimented using saccharin to make Sweet n’ low, the no-calorie sweetener. Biden was just 15 years old when he discovered how to sweeten unsweetened iced tea and keep his figure trim.


Baby Biden did not have access to computers, so forget Chromebooks and tablets. The world’s first modern computer was not made available until the 1970s. It weighed in at 27 tons and cost $500,000. Although the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIC), was first made public in the news in 1946, it was still years before Biden was born.


Biden was only 24 years old when he could not get a hotdog and a soda at the low price of $1.50. Biden was 56 years old when the first Costco in his home state of Delaware opened.

Wheeled luggage

Biden was forced to take his bag with him at all times, no matter how heavy. This was until 18 years later, when Bernard D. Shadow invented rolling luggage. His invention was patented by Shadow two years later in 1972, when Biden turned 20.

Joe Biden, despite being very old, dispelled any doubts that he is unable to lead the free world. He spoke with Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes reporter.