The Stigma Around Being White Has to Stop

Being white is okay, regardless of what others think or try to make you believe.

This phrase is frequently associated with white supremacy. It is a strange association, considering that it doesn’t mean “whites first” or “white pride.” This is simply a statement about the positive aspects of white skin.

This idea is not accepted by mainstream society. Being born white means that you are subject to guilt and responsibilities that you don’t want.

This is not an issue that is common in America for other races.

They are told they are the oppressor. This oppressive system continues to benefit them today.

I wish that I could exaggerate the race baiter’s position on breathing in air.

People who were born in the 1980s or later might be able to see past the trappings and egoism of mainstream groupthink. People born in the 1990s or younger may not be able to see beyond the trappings of mainstream groupthink.

A video showed me the fruits it bore earlier. The results of the same question being asked to white people about their skin can be very different.

Look at how you hesitate when asked a question. One person only moves to the left in pursuit of pride.

This question could be asked in a perfect world. No one can control their skin color. We should take pride in how we clean our floors and groom our dogs.

We don’t live there. In fact, we live in a modern society that sees skin color through tribal eyes. Many members of one tribe have been convinced that their tribe is evil over the years by society. They can’t leave their tribe to be part of the “good” tribe. They must instead work against their tribe to benefit all tribes until they are discarded and thankful for it.

Anyone who thinks success is theirs or believes they should be rewarded or acknowledged for it, will never live up to their full potential. These people will use violence and penance in order to disrupt or destroy society.

You can see that now in Antifa.

The bottom line is that being white is okay. There’s nothing wrong with being white at all. White people can be great or evil just as black people can be great or evil. It boils down to the person. Be comfortable in the skin you’re in, even white skin.