Texas Allocates $15 Million For New Elementary School In Uvalde

Texas announced plans for $15 million in aid to Uvalde’s construction of an elementary school.

The mayor of Robb Elementary School announced that the school would be destroyed after a gunman attacked the school earlier in the year, killing 19 students and 2 teachers. Texas plans to release the $15 million funding as part a larger $874.6 Million package that aims to improve public safety.

“Texas continues to support the Uvalde community after the tragedy and as they rebuild. Texas Governor. In a press release, Greg Abbott (R), said.

Due to Robb Elementary School’s imminent demolition, students resumed classes last month. They were spread among three other elementary schools in the area.

The shooting occurred in May and ended with the shooter being killed by law enforcement. The shooting rekindled national debate about gun laws. It led to intense scrutiny of public officials in Uvalde, Texas, especially those who failed to respond quickly before entering a classroom where gunman was being barricaded.

Several top Uvalde officials, including Police Chief Pete Arredondo, and the School Superintendent, were forced out of their positions or resigned in the wake of the shooting.

The package also includes $400 million to schools to upgrade their doors and windows for security. $339 million will be used by the Texas Military Department for border security. $20.6 million will go to “other state agencies” to support Operation Lone Star. $100 million is available to cover COVID-19 response costs.

Operation Lone Star, a border security initiative that involves the Texas Department of Public Safety as well as the Texas Military Department, is called. The program has seen thousands of immigrant families from Texas move to Democratic strongholds like New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. as part of it.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick stated that “Securing our children’s safety and our southern border is of paramount importance.” Dan Patrick declared. “This action puts Texas in a strong position for tackling these issues head-on during this legislative session.”

The proposal letter outlined multiple options for funding, including surpluses in some funds.

According to the governor’s office, Texas’s legislature is considering additional public safety measures for schools and borderlands during its next session.