The People’s Convoy In Transit Heading to Washington DC

The People’s Convoy is an American group consisting of truckers. It began Wednesday. The idea was sparked by Canada’s Freedom Convoy. It is expected that 1,000 truckers will embark on an 11-day journey from America to Washington, D.C., calling to end the state of emergency on COVID, and other unconstitutional restrictions, mandates, and mandates.

Joe Biden quietly extended a state of emergency until Friday, March 1, even though it was supposed to expire. Biden claimed that the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to pose a significant threat to the safety and well-being of the country.

Daily Mail: In a statement, organizers stated that Landis’ sentiment was echoed. The organizers stated that the convoy was all about freedom, unity, and cooperation. They stated that the convoy is all about freedom and unity.

Convoy organizers claim that they won’t block roads or bridges like the Canadian convoy in Canada. One person from Pennsylvania stated that he would like to close the Beltway. Protest organizers claim that it’s time to open the country and that they will not stop until that happens.

Their website explains their beliefs: Elected officials believe they can control us, they work for us.

Maureen Steele from California, an organizer, stated that they are working closely with lawyers to make sure that donations don’t go to Canada. The government tried to freeze the accounts and seize donations. However, they said that they would travel to D.C.

It seems like the Pentagon is in preparation for a response.

John Kirby, Pentagon Press secretary, stated that the National Guard was requested by the White House to help with traffic disruptions. They have approved 400 vehicles. They will have 50 combat vehicles.

The deployment is expected to stay until March 7. The Metropolitan Police are adding more people on for early March, and they are reinstalling the fencing that they previously had around the Capitol. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is closely monitoring the situation, her spokesperson said. It is Funny, that she has never closely monitored the BLM/Antifa riots that took place in D.C., setting fires around the White House.

South Carolina GOP Rep. Ralph Norman said to the Daily Mail that they have every right to be mad at the government. I believe these people are more than themselves.