Liberals Cope After Biden’s Pathetic Weakness Shows

RedState reported on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This was after Vladimir Putin had recognized the autonomous regions in Eastern Ukraine. This created the pretext to send troops over the border to keep the peace.

The administration responded to the conflict by disputing the definitions and signing an ineffective executive ordering to sanction financial transactions in the Donbas and other areas currently occupied by Russia. It is not clear if more severe measures will be taken.

We know that Biden was ashamed of his comments about Putin fearing him. Biden was horrified to see a Russian invasion of Europe.

We’re talking about Donald Trump.

We are so lucky that Donald Trump isn’t President today. Russia could invade Eastern Europe if Russia doesn’t take this precaution.

These hilarious reactions are clearly coordinated and funny. One by Jennifer Rubin is the gadlimmer du jour. It seems certain that shadow president Ronald Klain soon hits the retweet button.

Despite all of the attempts to conceal and deny, it is hard to ignore Trump’s Russian behavior. Russia waited for Trump to leave office before making its move.

It is also possible to mention that Biden lifted sanctions on Russia during his presidency and gave the green light for the Nordstream 2 pipe. This made Putin believe he had the power to carry out his incursion.

At the end of the day, Democrats are trying to admit that they were wrong.

This kind of flailing is really sad. The left has lost sight of the real issues and is instead focusing on Donald Trump. Joe Biden was more successful at foreign policy than he. It angers them, and it shows.