The Final Act of the Omnibus Monstrosity Is Truly Unbelievable

The government was able to avoid a shutdown thanks to the passage of Congress’s latest Omnibus monster. It cost taxpayers $1.7 trillion. It’s a great deal, right?

A group of GOP senators joined with Democrats to approve Joe Biden’s agenda over the next ten months, despite Republicans having just days to take control of the House and the power of the purse. This was the latest act of betrayal by their voters. It came before the passage of a gun-control bill and a flawed bill that would have federalized gay marriage.

However, it wasn’t just the cost of the topline. The spending package contained a lot of wasteful spending. It funded LGBT “pride centers” and paid for useless studies to determine if Thanos could take the universe out of existence.

This is the federal government that we are referring to, and you can always count on things becoming more ridiculous. Fox News’ Ed Lawrence stated that because no one was willing to adjust their schedules, Joe Biden will have to receive a physical copy of the Omnibus Bill. He is currently on vacation in St. Croix and can now sign it.

You couldn’t think of a better Saturday Night Live skit if you were to write one. Our government is so incompetent and bloated that it passed a bill that wasn’t ready for signing. It is now being flown to the Caribbean by our president who refused to wait one day before departing on his umpteenth vacation.

All this will happen on the taxpayers’ dime. Just think about it. Even though it is only 4,000 pages long, the Omnibus Bill will have a more luxurious, expensive winter vacation than you. I don’t know of any other way to describe everything wrong with our government.

You can’t afford groceries. But could Joe Biden really stay an extra day in Washington to perform his duties? He had to wait an extra day and couldn’t do that. We joke on this site often that we don’t have presidents, but in reality, we don’t.

Imagine the outrage if Donald Trump went on a Caribbean vacation in the midst of a terrible winter storm. He then received a $1.7 trillion boondoggle to sign. It would have been overwhelming to hear the legacy media wailing and grumbling. Many stories would have been written about how wasteful and elitist such a move was. CNN would have lost its loving mind.

This current political moment that we all are going through is so absurd. It seems like our leaders are going out of their way to show their excesses and waste taxpayer money. This has a very late-republican feel.