It Took a Single Tweet to Prove the GOP and Republican Voters Aren’t Friends

Which Republican Party?

It is a good question. Right-leaning voters have begun to wonder if there is a political party they can support after the disappointing showing in the highly-anticipated midterms. This was following Republican leadership’s shrugging at its candidates and Republican politicians passing an omnibus bill that amounted to a Democrat Party Christmas wishlist.

Twitter is the best place to see this division. The GOP seems to be having a great time with their own voters. The GOP was dragged mercilessly by conservatives from every American to well-known influencers after one stupid tweet.

The GOP tweeted a short message: “Republicans believe in limited government.”

The reaction was brutal and conservatives led the charge.

The Hodge Twins replied, “Obviously not,” “Who created the Patriot Act to spy upon us using 9/11?” Who just voted for sending our tax dollars abroad? Who just voted for more tax dollars to be given to the agencies so they can censor and label us domestic terrorists? Republicans did it, and most of you’ll be cowards.

Christina Pushaw, an aide to DeSantis, said that she would tell the Republican politicians who voted in favor of the Omnibus.

Some responses were less polite than others, but regardless of the disagreement, the reply was well-deserved. The GOP was criticized for not fighting for the American people and giving in to the Democrats too easily, even by its elected members.

Rand Paul of Kentucky, for example, stated that Republicans could have stood strong against Democrats on the Omnibus, but they failed in their principles. He also said that the GOP’s claim that it is the party responsible for fiscal responsibility was a fabrication.

“We have totally and completely abdicated all power over the purse. Republicans have been emasculated. Paul stated that they have no power and are not willing to regain it.”

Chip Roy, a Texas Representative, also called out Republicans for not adhering to their principles during the Omnibus vote.

The Republican Party is currently led by people who are more interested in preserving their power and influence than doing the work for the people. The behavior of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell during the midterms should be enough to disqualify him.

This is why Republicans and the GOP are now sneering at one another. The national stage is not dominated by Republicans. Although Republican governors do a great job, D.C. elitists don’t seem to understand that the voters want conservative values and fervent opposition to the radicalized Democrat Party…or simply don’t care.

Until the Republican leadership changes, nothing will change.