The Feds Have Enough Evidence to Nail Hunter Biden, but You Already Knew That

The feds have been watching Hunter Biden’s laptop over the years and finally feel they have the resources to arrest him. It’s obvious when the Washington Post commies write about it.

They see him from two perspectives: tax evasion, and lying on a federal purchase form.

When buying a federal firearm, one must fill out a form asking if you are addicted or using drugs. This includes marijuana. Hunter stated that he was not using drugs on the form.

Hey look, it’s Hunter Biden using drugs. I’m sure that’s the crack he’s using up there. He admitted that he used it in 2018, the year he purchased the gun.

These are the only charges the IRS and FBI are currently investigating. Emails pointing out the tens and millions of dollars in sleazeball deals with Russia, and Ukraine, as well as those pesky Chinses communists, are irrelevant. These are the same things Hunter’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinksi is raving about for years.

Because “10% for Trump” would have made a great campaign slogan, the FBI chose not to examine Hunter’s computer before the election.

Hunter’s lawyer Chris Clark has made a written statement confirming the seriousness of the charges.

Clark stated that it is a federal crime for a federal agent or to leak information about Grand Jury investigations such as this one. Clark stated that any agent you cite in your article has likely committed such a crime. We anticipate that the Department of Justice will investigate and prosecute these bad actors.

Wait, who leaked information to CNN about Roger Stone’s arrest to CNN? Is that the agent who was arrested? There are many other leaks I could name, but let’s just focus on Hunter. We’ve waited far too long for this moment.

Here’s where things get dicey. The U.S. attorney prosecuting this case is located in Delaware, the home state of the Biden family (boo), but President Trump appointed the Attorney (YAY! ).

It is now a question of whether 12 FBI SWAT agents will knock on Hunter’s door at 5 AM and point their guns at him and his naked prostitute pals. Is that a reserved area for pro-lifers who demonstrate outside of abortion clinics? This is not a federal crime.

Let’s get to the meat. These tax evasion charges stemmed from undeclared income from foreign business dealings. It is because of undeclared income from foreign business dealings that Hunter was charged with tax evasion.

Although I don’t enjoy counting my Bidens before they are imprisoned, this could be the beginning of something we’ve been waiting for: the actual draining of the swamp or at least the Biden families’ part of it.