The FBI Search for Biden’s Classified Documents Expands Again

Joe Biden’s scandal over classified documents continues to grow.

CNN reports that the FBI has conducted two searches at Delaware University, Joe Biden’s alma mater in recent weeks to investigate the ongoing scandal of Biden mishandling classified documents. Biden’s legal team reportedly assisted in the previously unreleased searches.

A large collection of papers that Biden used during his time in the Senate is kept at the University of Delaware library. “Investigators took materials from two universities on two separate days. CNN reports that the material was not classified, although it did not have any markings. However, FBI agents are currently reviewing the materials. “During the searches, they examined two distinct batches of documents: an archive of materials from Biden’s time in the US Senate and documents that Biden had sent to the university in recent times.”

This revelation follows a report earlier in the week that Biden’s lawyers may have taken classified documents from Boston to which the White House had not disclosed.

Once again, the White House has not been as transparent as they claim in this scandal.