Legacy Media Is Complicit in John Fetterman’s Downfall, Proving They Don’t Really Care

Remember Dasha Burns? Her name is Dasha Burns, the MSNBC correspondent who conducted a lengthy interview with John Fetterman, then-candidate for Senate. She met Fetterman face-to-face, and he required an auditory-visual aid to answer her questions. Burns was able to see how seriously John Fetterman was suffering from his stroke during the execution of this interview. Burns was the only legacy media person to claim that the Emperor had no clothes and that Fetterman should be in rehabilitation, not a toxic Senate race.

Burns dare to be a journalist and declare out loud what conservative media knew: John Fetterman was mentally unfit to serve as a Senator. His wife Giselle Fetterman, the Democrat Party, and in collusion with legacy media, allowed Fetterman to continue campaigning. Fetterman won, Mehmet Oz lost, and Fetterman was sworn in as the Senator for Pennsylvania to the 118th Congress.

Six weeks later, the chickens have returned to their nest. Our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar reported Wednesday that Fetterman was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital for treatment for his clinical depression. After feeling lightheaded at a Democrat Senate retreat, Fetterman was admitted into George Washington University Hospital. Bonchie, my colleague, expressed the disgust we feel all:

Fetterman’s ambitious wife was the one who led the charge to keep her husband alive in the race. A compliant media refused to ask real questions about the condition of the senator. Instead, they created glowing profiles of Giselle Fetterman, a fighter against discrimination and the brains behind this campaign.

Many of us who have an ounce of intellectual honesty felt as if we were in The Twilight Zone. Fetterman would make a public appearance, mumbling, mixing up words, and making no sense. The press would insist that it was a hearing problem.

However, a hearing problem can lead to a person being unable to make complete sentences and mix words. However, Fetterman’s true problems were not revealed. Democrats, desperate to retain control of the US Senate, spread the myth that it was an “auditory processing” problem. They were desperate to save a man who was not qualified for the job, and likely caused more damage to his health by continuing to be a part of the race.

These are just a few of the insults that Burns’ legacy media colleagues made of her. They basically raked her over and called her nothing but a child of God. Kara Swisher was the leader of the charge. She even posted an uncut tape of an interview with Fetterman in order to prove Burns was an incompetent hack who just wanted to denigrate the candidate.

David Mack, a genius at Buzzfeed News was the one who sat on the reporter’s “disability advocates”.

Giselle Fetterman joined in the attack, claiming Dasha burns was an ableist and that there should be consequences.

John Fetterman’s wife demanded “consequences,” for the NBC News reporter who talked about her husband’s health issues earlier this week.

Gisele Barreto Fetterman claimed that there were no consequences for Dasha Burns’s comments. She said the reporter was an “ableist”, who discriminated against her husband following a stroke earlier in the year.

Fetterman said that he doesn’t like expressing rage, because it’s an unhealthy feeling and can only harm oneself,” Molly JongFast, Fast Politics host, told Fetterman. “But I just, You know, what a disservice she did not only to my husband but to everyone who is dealing with a disability or trying to overcome it. I don’t understand how there weren’t consequences. There are consequences for people in these positions who are any one of the -isms. She was an ableist and that is what she was during her interview.

Dasha Burns should be reprimanded and her fellow co-accused should be drawn and quartered. Shame is out of fashion because it was more effective at stopping these deceivers from doing what they do.

Even though all evidence has shown that Fetterman is not fit to serve in the Senate, legacy shills continue to support horse hockey.

This is blatantly untrue and inherently foolish. This is not a matter for conservatives. This response was obvious to any sane human with an ounce of compassion or foresight.

There are also those Democrat-clapping Seals who ignore the elephant in a room. [WARNING! Strong language]

There are also those who participate in whataboutism’s traffic.

Fetterman, Pennsylvanians, and all Americans are still doing them a disservice by supporting and defending the indefensible. They have a long history of doing this so why not continue?