The Excuse for Dropping the White House Cocaine Case Is a Sham

Two theories are circulating about why the White House Secret Service dropped its investigation into the cocaine discovered in the West Wing. One is that White House officials firmly believed in the old saying “Nobody went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American People.” The other is that every day the White House fails an IQ test. Secret Service agents, Oval Office staff, and national security factotums have placed their hope in number one because there is no other explanation for the laughable excuse that was given to drop what many believe to be a simple case.

To understand the whole story, it’s best to start with the timeline. The White House was evacuated on July 2 after an unknown powder was discovered. Hazmat teams responded. The White House staff went into General Quarters or whatever it is called when there’s a big holy crap. The Executive Branch has a moment.

We now know that the powder was cocaine, or as firefighters called it, “cocaine chloride.” This substance can be used for crack, among other things. The Orb reported that, four days after the drugs had been reported as being found in a constantly changing place within the White House complex, (the East Wing Library, the West Wing lobby, and the area near Situation Room, where employees left their belongings in lockers), CNN, the media wing for the Democrat Party, consulted it. They reported the case would be closed by Monday, July 10th.

Soldier of Fortune reported on July 12 that the Secret Service has fingerprints of a druggie. Soldier of Fortune reported that the White House knew who handled the cocaine found in the Executive Mansion and had confirmed this finding through fingerprint evidence. Soldier of Fortune quoted a “security source” as saying that fingerprints were found and that “we knew who handled it.” The magazine also claimed that the White House Secret Service had known “since last week” the identity of the person responsible.

The Secret Service is now spouting a hairball excuse as to why it was dropped.

This will require you to sit down.

Miranda Devine of the New York Post reports that Secret Service officials told her they did not have probable cause to interrogate suspects.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said to NBC that the agency could not interview potential cokeheads who were in the area where the bag of drugs was found because they didn’t wish to violate their civil rights.

He said that he had no evidence against the 500 suspects who were identified during the long weekend prior to July 4 in the region.

No evidence exists to contact them.

Wait, it gets worse. According to NBC News, the Secret Service spokesman said that they had closed the investigation after conducting only one interview.

Guglielmi stated, “Yes, we could conduct a consensual meeting… but there is no evidence that would allow us to do so.” He also said the “small amount” of cocaine (208 milligrams, or about.007 inches) in D.C., is only a misdemeanor offense. The Post reports that even a misdemeanor charge in D.C. can result in up to 180 jail days.

“Chuck Rosenberg, a former U.S. attorney and acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration under then-President Barack Obama,” told NBC that, sure, “they could have done the interviews, but … they have finite resources and it’s OK for them to decide some things are worth their time and some things are not worth their time.”

The issue isn’t that, then? To avoid sounding pedantic: the drugs were discovered on federal property and not city property. If the feds pursued the person at all for the drugs, the average sentence would be 76 months – that’s around six years of federal prison. We know that this is not about someone’s weekend misdemeanors. We don’t know which subset of the “500” people could have done it, since White House officials are always fumbling over the location where the drugs were found.

If it wasn’t a Biden family bagman who put the drugs there, the most important question to ask is: Who’s the crackhead in the presidential staff. Does that person make up policies for national security? Is this dope the main reason why we are in Ukraine? Was this crackhead responsible for our bungling in Afghanistan? Does that explain why the White House is unable to come up with a coherent thought on any issue?

Hundreds of defendants on January 6 would welcome this type of justice, where they “have no evidence” to proceed against them. Phone records? Bank statements What about finite resources? Why bring charges against people like old ladies, gay activists, Proud Boys, etc? Who has never stepped foot inside a federal building before? Politics, I suppose.

It’s downright dystopian.