Are Trump and Hillary Really Friends Now?

Donald Trump is not sad about the death of the term “Crooked Hillary”, a moniker that he used in 2016 to discredit Hillary Clinton and belittle her. Ron DeSanctimonious supporters are riled up about the change.

The Daily Beast said that it was “wildly exaggerated” when Donald Trump called Hillary “Crooked Hillary”. How could they have reported it without recognizing its meaning? Reporters who used wordplay were happy to play along with Trump’s crude, but funny names. Trump now has made it clear that the term “Crooked Hilary” will no longer be used. It is #sad because this is one of Trump’s most effective shade bombs along with Crazy Bernie Sanders, and Shifty Adam Schiff.

Politico reported Trump’s renaming Hillary seven years after giving her his most successful epithet. At the Turning Point USA Conference in Palm Beach, Fla., this weekend, Trump confirmed his switch and used it as political ammunition for DeSantis.

“I took it away because I don’t believe in the same name for two people — I don’t like that,” Trump said, explaining to the Turning Point audience why he “took the name Crooked from Hillary.”

Joe Biden’s nickname is “Crooked”. Anyone who has been following the news for the past few years will understand why it fits. The reporter believes that Trump should have given Joe a more appropriate name. “Sleepy Joe”, the name he used before, was not bad. Godfather Joe, on the other hand, sounds much better.

Ron DeSantis supporters suggested that something has “happened” to Trump because the former President said in his comments at Turning Point that “you have to live with that name for the rest of your life and … many of them are now friends of mine.” The DeSantis team hoped to recast Trump’s comments to say he was now “nice to Hillary Clinton … because they are friends.” But making friends with the person who was responsible for faking an entire universe of “evidence” of being a Russian spy, torpedoing his candidacy and his presidency, and costing him tens of millions in legal fees would be a pretty big — and unlikely — turnaround for Trump. Trump was more likely referring to “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz, “Little Marco” Rubio, “Fake News CNN” and the like.

Trump’s nicknames have become American campaign lore. But name-calling is to manners what puns are to humor. Considering how the Democrat media complex has done far, far worse to Donald Trump (Russian spy comes to mind), people generally forgive the former president. Indeed, many love his willingness to verbally fight back.

Leftists have given Trump a lot of nicknames. Jimmy Kimmel, ABC’s, made it his personal mission to rename Trump. Troompa-Loompa was a failure, Commander in Beef was a dud, and Unhappy Gilmore failed. Kimmel called Trump the “Hydroxy Horror Picture Show”, for calling on COVID participants to use therapeutic and available medicines.

Many stories have been told about Trump’s nicknames over the years. Jeb Bush will never be mentioned without “Low Energy Jeb” and Elizabeth Warren, forever Pocahontas. Fauxcahontas, in my opinion, is a much better moniker. John Kasich’s sobriquet would have been better remembered, but he was only “1 for 38 Kasich” so perhaps that’s why. No one will likely forget “Rocketman,” and I don’t even need to tell you who that is because it is so entrenched in political lore.

Trump is successful in his branding of opponents. However, the phrase “Friends of Hillary” is unlikely to stick.