The DOJ Indicts Two People in Pro-Life Center Attacks

Last Wednesday, I wrote about how the Federal Bureau of Investigation tried to stop wasting money by investigating attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and churches. At the time, we were skeptical because the DOJ became interested after CompassCare’s CEO hired a private investigator to look into a New York attack. This, along with threats of an investigation by the GOP-led House of Representatives into DOJ may have played a role.

It’s amazing to see the results and they came quickly. These are just a few of the activities the pair are accused of engaging in. Smith-Stewart’s Facebook page suggests ties to Antifa.

“Fight all governments there’s no authority but yourself”

“F*** the cops.”

“The united states is a white man’s land. They have made that very clear, they target our people, kill and incarcerate our black men and women. Enough is enough. It’s more important than ever to get organized and take direct action. Muerte a América.”

“Let me make this abundantly clear for the people in the back. I am an ABOLITIONIST. I do NOT believe in reform.”

At The Post Millennial, Andy Ngo linked the duo to Jane’s Revenge:

They could be sentenced to up to 12 years imprisonment, three years supervised release and $350,000 in fines if convicted.