Pope Francis Affirms Church Teaching, Says Homosexuality Is a Sin

Pope Francis reiterated the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality in a Tuesday interview with the Associated Press. He said that homosexuality isn’t a crime but it is still sinful.

While the Associated Press primarily focused on the statement of the first pontiff, it also contained the confession that the Vatican has not changed its teachings about homosexual acts being “intrinsically disturbing.”

The pope seems to have drawn a distinction between legal norms that are followed or supported around the world by Catholics and Catholic moral teachings.

“Being homosexual is not a crime. It’s not a crime. Yes, it’s a sin. Well, yes, but let’s make the distinction first between sin and crime,” Pope Francis told the Associated Press.

The Catholic Church’s Catechism is a summary and overview of its major beliefs. It says that sin is an offense against truth and reason; it is failing to love God and neighbor with genuine love. It is a violation of the eternal laws and damages the human spirit.

This document declares that sin is an offense against God.

A crime, on the other hand, is an illegal act that can lead to criminal charges.

Pope Francis said that homosexuality should be protected and that God has created all people.

Writing for the Catholic News Agency, John Finnis, professor emeritus at Oxford University and the University of Notre Dame, clarified that the Catholic Church does not consider individuals as “heterosexuals” or “homosexuals,” but insists instead “‘that every person has a fundamental identity: the creature of God and, by grace, his child and heir to eternal life.'”

Finnis referenced various church documents and said that church teaching had “from its beginning done nothing but to point out how every type of sexual activity other than authentic marital interplay is contrary to the good of marriage.” The further a sex act is from marital interaction, the more chaotic it is and the more moral.

The Catechism states that “[2357] Tradition holds that homosexual acts are intrinsically disturbed.” “They are against nature. ”

According to the Catechism, homosexuals should be treated with compassion and respect. Christians are called to do God’s will, and to share in the sufferings of others by the Lord’s Cross.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops published a document titled “Ministry for Persons with a Sexual Inclination” (2006). The document stated that homosexual inclinations should be encouraged and supported to fully embrace the call. It is difficult and requires self-mastery. Following Jesus will require you to follow the path of the Cross. The Sacraments, of Penance and of the Eucharist provide important consolation and support on this path.

Pope Francis appears to have confirmed the church’s moral teachings by declaring that homosexuality laws should be abolished.

Pope Francis addressed church leaders from countries all over the globe who are strict about homosexual inclinations. Pope Francis said that these bishops should have a process of conversion and that they should be “tender” as God has for us all.

Pope Francis’ remarks come one week after Church of England bishops stated that they would not recommend gays take part in the sacrament of marriage.

We previously reported that CE bishops spent six years learning, listening, and discerning. They now want to preserve the Church’s doctrine of Holy Matrimony.

CBS News reported that the church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith confirmed in March 2021 that the church cannot and would not bless gay unions since God “cannot bless sin.”