Ted Cruz Shreds ‘Fact Checkers’ Over Biased Coverage of His Israel Remarks

Fact-check organizations, like their media allies, have established themselves over the years as little more than mouthpieces/apologists for members of the Democratic Party.

FactCheck.org is the latest to “fact-check” claims made by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, regarding the Biden Administration’s position toward Israel and specifically in relation to calls for a truce with the terrorist group Hamas.

Cruz claims that Biden’s team has been “undermining Israel”, since the very beginning, by calling for a truce or trying to convince Israel to retreat in some other way. He cited a few tweets that have since been deleted to support his position.

Cruz’s argument was proved by deleted tweets, despite the fact that FactCheck.org in their article claimed that Cruz “distorted” the Biden Administration’s position.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the State Department removed the post that same day because it was “not approved and did not represent U.S. Policy.”

In an interview with the Texas Republican on Nov. 12, the Texas Republican stated that “the White House and the State Department has been undermining Israel since October 7”.

Cruz stated that the White House, along with the State Department, has undermined Israel at every stage. The Biden White House has been telling Israel that they should not respond to the terror attack on October 7, literally within minutes.

The senator’s office, as we mentioned earlier, referred us back to the deleted post from the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs on Oct. 7. We found that the X account of Secretary of State Antony Blinken posted a Tweet on Oct. 8, the day after Blinken spoke with the Turkish Foreign Minister. Blinken also said in that post (which was deleted) that he “encouraged Turkiye to advocate for a ceasefire and the immediate release of all Hamas hostages.”

According to FactCheck.org however, since so-called “experts”, disagreed with Cruz’s interpretation, they characterized the claims as “distorted”, stating that there was “little evidence” supporting his assertion.

Cruz, understandably, was not amused and responded on Twitter with a detailed response:

This fact-check confirms that I was correct when Biden called for Israel to not retaliate immediately against Hamas. They have to because it is true. They quote “experts”, who say that Biden has always supported Israel.

This is also a lie. In reality, Biden’s administration called for Israel to refrain from retaliation on Oct 7. They deleted the tweet. The next day they supported a ceasefire and then deleted this tweet. The Biden administration has been pushing for humanitarian ceasefires, which would allow Hamas time to regroup following the Oct 7 attack. They also reportedly warned Israel not to defend itself against Hezbollah. Diplomatically they linked Biden’s visit as President to ending Israel’s Gaza siege. Appeasing Iran, they did not retaliate to attacks and allowed the international arms embargo to expire on Oct 7, when Iran was resupplying missiles to its terrorist armies. They also provided the Ayatollah with a new line of Euros worth $10 billion to fund terrorists. The US military has sent personnel to Congress to blame Israel for the violence in the West Bank.

While coordinating with Qatar, the two countries are working to isolate Hamas.

Washington DC experts claim that Biden is a 100% supporter of Israel. They are the same people who were in charge of Middle East Diplomacy for decades. This explains why we ended up at a point where Iranian terrorists could launch the worst mass murder of Jews ever committed in one day since the Holocaust.

He is not wrong.

By my count, FactCheck.org is 0 and Cruz 1.