Riley Gaines Shreds Media Matters for Dishonest Hit Piece

In the aftermath of the major announcement of Twitter/X CEO Elon Musk’s “thermonuclear lawsuit” against the left-wing smear merchants at Media Matters for America, a lot of the group’s prior targets have been airing some grievances on the Twitter machine as past MMFA hit pieces resurface in the process.

Among them, is a summer hit article on Save Women’s Sports spokesperson and women’s swimming champion Riley Gaines. She has been on MMFA’s MMFA radar for some while now because she’s a conservative woman who brushes off intimidation attempts from cancel culture mobs like a stray lint.

They claimed in the article that “More than a year since her last race, Riley Gaines built a career as a journalist on the name of the transgender swimmer”:

Gaines appeared 29 times on Fox News between April 2022 to the end of May 20,23, for a combined time of over two hours and forty-eight minutes. More than half of these appearances occurred in the past two months, a year following her victory over Thomas on March 18, 2022. Gaines mentioned Thomas only in 34% of her interviews, and never in the last one month. This shows a thematic expansion that goes beyond the initial event which gave her a platform.

Alyssa Tirrell of the MMFA LGBTQ Program, who wrote the article, alleged that Gaines engaged in a pattern of anti-trans “hate”, disguised as concern about the future of women’s sports. Because apparently, in Tirrell and MMFA’s view, women who are “bested” by someone born a man but who now identifies themselves as female, are too loud and need a little quieting down.

Gaines isn’t a shrinking violet, as we have previously documented. He responded to the allegations by pointing out that Lia Thomas was the one who made a name for herself off of the backs of collegiate female athletes, and not the other way round.

Thomas switched to the women’s division when he didn’t do well in the male division.

The numbers are clear. The numbers paint a clear picture.

Gaines has a pinned tweet at the top:

I believe that says it all.